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#1 cause of losing

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The #1 cause of all failure, all losing is broken focus. The #1 cause of broken focus is Distracted Driving that happens when you stop paying attention to what drives you and pay attention to what stops you. The #1 cause of Distracted Driving is Theft Conspiracy – allowing The Unfocused to steal your attention. The #1 cause of Theft Conspiracy is the Undisciplined Mind that gives in to the temptation of Energy-Sharing. Energy has a Magnetic Force. Those who are unwilling and incapable of generating their own energy will conspire to rob you of yours. Energy Vampires will drain you of life and give absolutely nothing return. Emptiness leads to excuses. Every excuse is another piece of evidence of weakness. Every excuse is a sign of your future. What you focus on grows – including your excuses. Excuses are anabolic agents of weakness. An Inner Circle full of excuses results in a life that goes around in circles. First Set @7pm. Focus on High-R.E.P.S. – Removing Excuses Produces Success. #MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter Blessings and all good things #peace

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