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Halfway, halfass. That’s Real-Life Lesson #22,501 that I’ve taught all my #teams for 43 years. Nothing worse than pushing a heavy weight halfway and dropping it because of halfass effort. Applies in real-life as well. If the weight was too heavy, it would not have moved at all. If you pushed it halfway, there’s no excuse for not pushing it #AllTheWay. None. Pushing it all the way takes #LockOut Strength. Lock Out Strength is 2nd-half strength. Giving up in the 2nd half is the direct result of halfass effort caused by a condition that’s been learned, rewarded, and stuck deep in the subconscious mind: #StuckInside.

The condition #StuckInside means your 2nd-half strength is stuck inside you because of imagined fear of killer pain. The imagined fear of killer-pain is the #1 cause of all sticking points that lead to halfass effort when you reach the halfway point.

Good news. I have a solution. Guaranteed. Contact me.

You are your worst enemy. You are your biggest threat. Keeping your True Self #StuckInside will cause killer-stress that will eat you alive from the inside-out. Save yourself by committing to getting #strongerandsmarter every single day.

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