Zero & ten, never again.

Getting promoted to high-school head #football coach at the age of 26 in 1984 was the worst thing that happened and best thing that happened in my 40 year #football coaching career. We suffered the deep and profound embarrassment  of a winless Zero & Ten record. But I made a life-altering pledge to all future student athletes – Zero & Ten, never again.

Zero & Ten clarified my thought process that had suffered brainwashing through deep & profound conventional thinking by the Football Establishment that confuses strategies for rules of the game. 


  1. Kicking on 4th down. 
  2. Single point after Touchdowns instead of going for 2. 

It took a deeply embarrassing winless Zero & Ten season as a rookie head football coach in 1984 to wake up and break through the Layers of Limitations that wrapped and trapped my coaching mind. I had been brainwashed by conventional thinking bullshit starting in little league football that continued throughout my playing career and my assistant coaching career. 

Nine seasons of little league and high school exposed me to deep and profound incompetence that led to 9 seasons in the basement, in dead-last, winless seasons + one-win seasons. No championships, no playoffs, no winning seasons. The chronic embarrassing losing seasons continued for the next nine years – 8 years as a high school assistant coach and one year as a rookie high school head coach.

My winless Zero &Ten rookie head coach season was a repeat of the past – stuck in the basement for 17 seasons as a player and assistant coach. We were the #joke of every league. At the end of our embarrassing, non-competitive winless season, I investigated myself. Here are some of the Real Life&Death Lessons I learned from investigating myself:

  1. Confusion kills. I used a conventional playbook that confused players because of my incompetent teaching and incompetent hiring of incompetent assistant coaches. We all worked for free and it showed. Confused players are incompetent players.
  2. Poor teams need get-rich-quick-Systems, not schemes. Every team I’ve coached was a poor team. No JV team, bare minimum resources. When players are starting from scratch, teach from scratch – Minus-Zero. Poverty football is nowhere near the same as Rich Football. Its not the same game. 
  3. Never use a conventional playbook that requires memorization. Create a #System that maximizes teaching and learning in minimum time. Then invest #Sets&Reps. High-quantity, high-quality #Sets&Reps
  4. Teach 5th Degree work ethic. The word #work is one of the top 51 most-butchered words in the English language. When you have the least and are #TheLeast, the solution is to out-work everyone by working out at a higher level than the #Rich&Famous.
  5. Play #MuscleBall. 5th Degree S&M – strength + muscle in mind-body-soul – wins, wins big, wind often, and is the #1 Player-Safety measure. Not #2 or #3. Its the #MainEvent – the main event that wins the #Life&Death fight and wins titles repeatedly.
  6. Identify your own beliefs and ideology. Never, ever fear being different. Never, ever, ever fear originality. Never, ever gets wrapped and trapped in the mind-body-soul prison of blind conformity to the Football Establishment that copies 98.6% of the rest. 
  7. Never trust an assistant coach with player’s lives whose main event and main priority is career advancement. Career-advancement is an outcome. It’s the product of 5th Degree Commitment to #serving&protecting players, not your self-interest to become a million-dollar-a-year coach. The biggest mistake I made was hiring assistant coaches who were using my players as stepping-stones to the big-time. That’s the reason why I have never had more than 2 assistant coaches in my 40 year coaching career. That’s the reason why I coached alone with zero staff for half of my head coaching career. Repeat – I coached with zero staff for half of my head coaching career. One of the top 51 reasons why is I coached alone is that life is extremely short to add more workplace hell to the #WorkplaceHell I worked in as a police officer for 15 years between 1975-1990 and as a college law enforcement professor/program coordinator for 2 decades between 1990-2010. I coach in the C.F.L. – Conflict-Free Life. I don’t waste any time or any energy whatsoever in juvenile conflict about play-calling, formations, coverages, going-for-it, and irrelevant practice drills.     

Continued in part 2.

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