“You gotta relax”

The immediate response after an epic meltdown where you & your team get mauled determines your long-term response. Never, ever trust a teammate or #leader with your life who says, “You gotta relax” after you get killed on the scoreboard because they will get you killed in mind-body-soul.

“You gotta relax” is the first sign of being finished that will lead to finishing dead-last or dead. “Your gotta relax” is not just a Freudian slip. Its the expression of conscious intent to accept incompetence and the weakness that caused it.

When the human mind wins over the conscience, leaks occur. Words leak out that reveal surrender to what is too difficult, to the unwillingness to bust your ass to stop the embarrassment of ass-kicking.

Contrary to #IBS – Internet #BullShit – failure is not ok. When real life&death are at stake, failure kills. I’ve taught all my teams for 44 years that failure happens in practice so you can fix it before its all on the line on #GameDay. Where you finish depends on what you finish and how you finish.

1st Set #Womens #Lifting #Team in the #Basement @xfitness in 75 mins. Workout theme: We don’t do this to be ordinary. If you want ordinary, no problem. Its your choice. But not here. You don’t have the option of #assdragging and dropping the bar. Dual meaning.

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