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 Wrong fight won’t end up right.

I’m honoured/honored to write monthly articles for Fitness Business Canada. They have published a series of articles I’ve written about how to win the David versus Goliath fight that independent startup business face against giant corporate competitors. The August 2017 article will be published in a week. I’ve posted a preview here on my blog because the article applies to any field and on any field, not just the gym business. The heart and soul of the article is Real-Life Lesson #8,551 that I’ve taught to football players for 40 years and college law enforcement students for 2 decades – right fight, fight right.

Every day is a fight for survival. Every day is a fight to self-actualize, to achieve what you need to achieve, to reach what you’ve set out to reach. Nothing of value is ever handed to you without a fight. There are two reasons why you lose the fight: (i) poor fighting skills. (ii) picking the wrong fight.

Poor fighting skills boil down to weakness, referring to deficiencies of strength, skill, stamina, speed, and smarts. Picking the wrong fight means choosing the wrong opponent. It’s the equivalent of fighting the crowd instead of the true opponent. The wrong fight is going after an opponent who has nothing to do with the fight you truly need to fight.

Right fight, fight right. Learn how to fight, fight the right fight. It’s impossible to win the wrong fight. The wrong fight knocks you out and allows the true opponent to win by default because the right fight was never fought. Here is the entire article:


Nothing just happens. On page 278 of my Criminal Investigation book, I wrote: “Real-Life lesson #3,212. There are no coincidences, just connections.” I’ve taught his rule repeatedly to football players for 40 years and college law enforcement students for 2 decades. This lesson applies on any field and in any field. I use it in business for strategic decision-making.

Last week, I received two messages. Neither message was a coincidence. The first was an email from a friend that included a link to a newspaper article listing Canada’s top 400 cities to live in 2017, published by  The messenger wrote:” Look where Welland, Ontario, is ranked.” The ranking was depressing. My gym, X Fitness, has been located in the heart of Welland, Ontario, for 16 years. It’s a damaged heart. It is not a healthy heart. It’s a big part of the odds that we have to beat.

The next day, a neighbor business owner said, “It’s amazing you’re still open after 16 years. You’re in a competitive industry.” I told her that other gyms are not my main competitors. Not even close. Then it hit me. Two messages, two consecutive days. Time to change the standings. Dual meaning. First, it means ranking all our competitors, not just other gyms. Secondly, it means ranking where X Fitness stands among those competitors.

We define our completion as any opponent that threatens our survival, not just other gyms. Other gyms didn’t make our Top Ten List of Opponents in July, 2017. “Other gyms” dropped to #16 on the list of our competitors. The standings have to be constantly revised because the strength of competitive opposition changes. Our competition continuously changes positions. Revising the standing of our competition has been essential for our 16-year David versus Goliath fight for survival. It’s impossible to win any fight if you don’t know who your true opponents are, in precise order of strength.

My revised ranking of opponents is essential to game-planning, both short-term and long-term. Our X Fitness Business System relies heavily on the decision-making model Strategize & Improvise, a decision-making model intended to make the best call in the shortest amount of time, while facing the most intense pressure. Strategize & Improvise is the concept of applying our system to reach business solutions within the structure of our system, without ever winging it.

The revised list of opponents is essential to build Competitive Focus, the concept of separating relevance from irrelevance. Competitive Focus is the main element of avoiding the leading cause of business failure – fighting the wrong fight. Every business day at X Fitness is a fight for survival. There are no days off. If you fight the wrong fight, you will lose the real fight – guaranteed. The same applies in sports, business, any profession, and working out to build muscle and lose fat.

The fitness industry is a tough business. Never stop learning. Stop learning, stop earning. Be a life-long learner. Commit to continuing education. Read, watch, listen. The intellectual pump is as important as the physical pump. X Fitness is committed to lift through Blunt Talk Podcast. There’s enough depressing news. We won’t contribute to it. We have had a number of fitness professionals as guests. All 165 episodes are free, permanently archived. Each guest is a soul-lifter. Guaranteed to lift Please visit Blunt

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If you would like to be a guest on Blunt Talk Podcast to lift our world-wide audience while promoting your business, please contact me at or or or through social media.

Blessings & all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.

Head coach – Niagara X-men football


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