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Worst nightmare

Self-induced nightmares are a big problem that block next-level performance, block happiness, and blocks any hope of inner peace.
Self-induced nightmares cause performance anxiety. The bad news is that, unless you wake up, self-induced nightmares will wreck your game. The good news is you can wake up simply by changing your mind because it’s all in your head. All self-induced nightmares are just bad dreams. They’re not true. Once you wake up, you will realize that mind games are all in your head. Self-induced nightmares are self-generated fears that scare the hell out of you for all the wrong reasons – reasons conjured up to compensate the fear of hell. That’s what anticipated hard work represents – hell. The anticipation of hard work is worse than the real thing. Your mind turns the anticipation into a nightmare – hell. It isn’t. Left unchecked, word games start. False character attacks, false rumours spread, they’re all caused by self-induced nightmares. It’s part of talking in your sleep. Here’s an example. I’ve taken over 8 football teams as head coach. As the first training camp approaches for each new team, false rumours spread. They’re caused by self-induced nightmares. It’s part of talking in your sleep.

I represent a nightmare for new players who are unfamiliar with me, my training strategies, and ideology. The nightmare is hard work, physically and intellectually. Hard work is the only strategy that achieves my number-one priority – player-safety. High-risk training is the only way to lower high-risk. But the thought of hard work physically and intellectually scares some people. It results in self-induced nightmares. As compensation, excuses are made by those who want to avoid hard work. The easiest excuses are to attack the source of the self-induced nightmare. The fear of hard work motivates the frightened to attack with words.

Don’t take it personal, don’t make it personal.

If you don’ wake up from your worst nightmare, you’ll never live your dreams.

This is an excerpt from my soon-to-be published next book – Blunt Talk.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc, Level 3 NCCP
owner – X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Oakville Longhorns football team
author – Soul of a Lifter

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