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Worst job interview mistake.

The toughest lessons I had to teach as a college professor/program coordinator was job interview skills. Two reasons:

  1. The college teacher’s union was upset because I was teaching free seminars as part of a ride-along program that that was not part of my teaching contract or the formal curriculum. It was a value-added component of the program that the union didn’t like. The ride-along program became one of the most important learning experiences for students and one of the most important factors in college students getting hired. But I had to defend why I taught it for free.
  2. My lessons contradicted what students had learned through the Clogged System, the overload of conventional job interview myths that they heard from The Establishment that intends to make all job candidates exactly the same.

I taught difference – literally and figuratively. The key to job interview success is to be different. Stand out from the crowd. Make a name for yourself. Separate from the rest. Be unforgettable. Give them no choice but to hire you. If you don’t stand out, you will blend in with the rest and disappear from sight. You will be deleted. You will be forgotten. No one will remember your name.

If you are competing for a dream job or promotion against the Chosen Ones– the candidates who have sponsors – you have to go above and beyond to stand out. Job interviews are the equivalent of a beauty pageant – contestants entertain, judges score based on pure subjectivity. Job interviews are supposed to be part of a meritocracy, a selection process based on performance instead on sponsorship. But in real-life, there are often favourites/favorites and underdogs separated by who has the right sponsor, the right connection, or being related to the right person. If you are the underdog having to compete with favoritism/favouritism and nepotism, you have to score a knockout. Don’t leave it up in the air for the judges because subjectivity is unpredictable and often illogical. To score an interview knockout, you have to avoid the biggest mistake – the one I taught to thousands of college students – not knowing yourself.

The biggest mistake made at job interviews is not knowing who you truly are, not knowing the full extent of your knowledge and experience, especially as each relate to the competencies of the position you have applied or are seeking promotion to. The majority of job candidates go to job interviews not knowing the full extent of their strengths. The reasons are that the majority of people: (i) don’t invest introspection time, a full investigation of self that studies the full extent of knowledge and experience. (ii) lack deep, meaningful feedback from those who know them best, about what they have done and are capable of doing.

Most people attend job interviews with an identity crisis – insufficient knowledge of self. When you don’t know yourself, you panic. As compensation for not knowing self, you try to become someone else. Becoming another person leads to: (i) neglecting to explain the full extent of your knowledge and experience as they relate to the competencies of the job you are fighting for, or (ii) lying. Telling fairy tales, creating a fictional character. The moment your credibility is questioned, you lose. The loss costs you incalculable potential income. The solution is simple – investigate yourself. Meet your true self and fully understand what you know and what you have accomplished.

I have a strategy that is guaranteed to work out. If you follow it, you will learn everything you need to know about yourself to succeed at a competency-based job interview or promotional interview. After you fully know yourself, you will ace a competency-based interview. Guaranteed.

This week’s Blunt Talk Podcast guest is Butch Reiser, Human Resources expert and interview coach from Atlanta, Georgia. Butch shares his expertise about resumes and job interviews. Guaranteed to lift. The interview is a free, permanently archived download compliments of X Fitness. There is enough depressing news. We won’t add to it. Here’s the link:

Blessings & all good things.


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