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Worry works out

Studies have shown that the average human spends a total of at least five years worrying. The subjects tested probably were not Italian. Five years is a lot of worrying but not for Italians. Italians take worrying to the next level. They’re professionals at it. Italians are in the major leagues of worrying. Five years of worrying is just a warm-up for Italians. Worrying may be the national pastime for most Italians.

The bad news is that, as a purebred Italian, worrying is in my blood. Worrying is in my DNA. If I let it, I’d worry about worrying. If I stopped worrying, I’d worry about that. I would worry about not worrying enough about what needs to be worried about and worrying too much about that which doesn’t deserve worry.

The good news is that worry is my #5 top-rated fuel. Worry fuels my workouts, it fuels working at my business, it fuels writing books, it fuels every aspect of my personal life, and it has fueled how I worked at every job I’ve ever had. The best type of worry I have found that converts the easiest to high octane fuel is worrying about wasting your life. Worrying works out for me in every work out, no exception.

I hit the 15,300 mark last night. It was my 15,300th workout that was fueled by worry. I worried about my form. I worried about that my weight was too much. I worried about the weight on the bar was not enough. I worried that I didn’t do enough sets. I worried that I didn’t do enough reps. I worried that I didn’t run far enough, fast enough, or long enough. I worried that my iPOD was too loud. Worry worked out. Worrying about the quality of my workout blocked out all the wasted worry that senselessly wastes days off your life, literally and figuratively.

Worry has  not only fueled every one of my 15,300 workouts, worry will fuel the next 15,300 workouts. I worry about iron deficiency so much that I lift excessive amounts of iron almost every day of my life. Because if I didn’t, I’d worry myself to death.

It’s impossible to worry about two things at once. Your mind can only worry about one thing at a time. When I work out, I can’t worry about other things. I worry only about the next rep, the next set, and not wasting even one workout that I will never be able to re-do.

The major cause of worry is fear of change – too much of it or not enough of it. If you want certain changes, you have to pay the price. It’s not free. If you don’t want certain changes, you have to pay the price. It’s not free. The easiest way to stop worrying is to make it work out. Make your worry work out for you.

Worry without work is a waste. Nothing changes on its own, good or bad. Work at it or worry about it. Your choice. The choice you make determines the changes made, good or bad.

This is a copyrighted excerpt from another new book that I’m writing and worrying about. The more I worry, the harder I work at it. I don’t want to stop worrying about it because if I stop worrying about it, I’ll worry about something that doesn’t matter.

I own X Fitness. We have pumped out and pumped up more athletes since 1984 than our competitors. We have won more games than our competitors. We have won more championships than our competitors. We have helped make more dreams happen for students and student-athletes than our competitors. We have lifted more students and student-athletes from scratch than our competitors. X Fitness will out-lift anyone. X Fitness sponsored the Niagara X-men football team, as evidence of our commitment to the actualization of human potential. We are open 365-24-7. We have no hidden fees – no contract, no registration fees, no building fees. We don’t sell easy. We sell lifting.

Thank you to all our new podcast listeners. Episode 3 set a new personal best. Thank you to all our blog readers as well. Thank you for lifting us. We vow to keep lifting.

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Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Head coach – Niagara X-men football

Owner – X Fitness Inc.


Gino Arcaro is a widely published author. His website, blog, Youtube channel, and list of SWAT FOOTBALL Books are at:

His books include:

4th & hell: seasons 1-5, Soul of a Lifter, SWAT Offense, SWAT Defense, X Fitness Workout System, and a 3 business book series called Soul of an Entrepreneur

He also has written 20 editions of 6 law enforcement academic textbooks. A new 8-volume interrogation book series will be released in 2014. And just released, a new children’s book called “BE FIT – DON’T QUIT.” His latest book on human potential called “Hashtag Peace” is at the editing stage. He just finished another book called “Lifter’s High.” Both will be released soon.



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