Workout, block out.

Thank you to football coaches for your questions last week. Here’s part of the answer. It combines 2 Real Life&Death Lessons I’ve taught all my teams for 45 yrs.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #26,112 I’ve taught football players, college law enforcement students, women’s lifting teams for 45 years – workout, block out. Dual meaning.

1st meaning. Every workout teaches how to block out a defense, 100% on every play.

2nd meaning. Every workout works out to 100% efficiency when you block out 100%.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson 26,312 I’ve taught all my teams for 4 decades – Poor Football is tougher than Rich Football – triple meaning.

1. Poor Football is not Pro Football.

2. Poor Football is a Death Threat. Poor Football is incompetent football that threatens player safety and player’s lives.

3. Poor Football is tougher to coach than coaching Rich Football. When you have it all, its all a lot easier than having F-all.

Combine those 2 Real Life&Death Lessons and you have a monumental coaching challenge. 

Poor Football is not Pro Football where you can buy a championship by buying the best.

Poor Football is not Pro Football where players are disposable after they don’t immediately work out – dual meaning.

Poor Football is not Pro Football where you have access to Built Players without doing the heavy lifting – dual meaning – to build Built Players.

Coaching football without money – dual meaning – demands special education, special learning, special creativity, special innovation to beat rich teams or you get your team killed in mind-body-soul. 

If your program has no money and you get no money to coach, you have to get rich quick to beat the rich. If you have to work for a living outside football, you can’t live in your coaching office all day & night. If you’re unpaid, you can’t focus 24-7 on football or you will go broke. If your program is poor, you have to make the most with the least and with The Least. You have to outwork the rich in a fraction of the time.

The SWAT Offense & Defense System is a unique, unconventional solution to the deep & profound challenges of Poor Football. The SWAT uniqueness has worked out for us – dual meaning. We don’t fight #online to defend our unconventional line of work – dual meaning. 

We use #Gameday to present our case. S/he who alleges must prove.

Here’s the beauty of #Gameday – it’s the best way to prove what’s the best way to move.

Workout & block out is one of the thousands of essentials to not get your team killed in Poor Football. 

Here are the main points of Workout & block out:

  1. We have only one blocking system on the line and off the line.
  2. The on-the-LOS blocking system is exactly the same as off-the-LOS system, the downfield blocking system that is the most impactful essential to Long Distance Running Plays and Long Distance Pass Plays.
  3. The 2 systems of on-the-LOS blocking and off-the-LOS blocking synchronize to form a unified system to multiply Yards After – dual meaning: (i) Yards after the catch, and (ii) Yards after they catch the runner.
  4. Maximize Contact time – dual meaning. Our minimal Contact Time must maximize Contact Time. That means our limited teaching-learning Contact Time with players off-the-field must maximize Contact Time on the field against the opponent. 
  5. To maximize both Contact Times, we developed a workout system to build blockers from scratch in the weight room. 
  6. Every workout is a blocking lesson.
  7. Every workout is High-Degree Contact Time that teaches High-Degree Contact Time.
  8. To maximize every workout, the key essential is to block it out. That means Pre-Internet Workouts, the Lifting Environment we created in 1975 in the original X Fitness, a non-profit gym where Poor Players profited and made a fortune.
  9. Blocking it out with Pre-Internet Workouts included: zero phones, zero socializing, zero outside connections that transforms a Poor Culture into a Rich Culture through deep, profound connections built internally and externally during a degree of Hard Training that 98.6% are unwilling to invest in.

This is only part 1. More to follow.

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Gino Arcaro