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The Power of Women’s Lifting Team

I just finished an uplifting coaching experience, coaching a 6-woman lifting team (including one man) for a 6-workout program. I almost missed it because my mind was closed tightly shut about coaching football because of the growing apathy, lethargy, and lack of commitment to training and practice. My female lifting team made outstanding progress in just six workouts because they showed up and worked out, a concept that has escaped my football players in the 21st century. Every lifter on the female team visibly grew in strength from set to set, rep to rep, for one reason – mindset. Once again, they proved that the psychological element drives the physical element. They proved the power of work.

My female lifting team restored my faith in coaching because coaching can waste your time and potential by coaching the lazy, uncommitted who seek unmerited reward. I’ve witnessed the bright side and dark side of coaching. I’ve lost count of how many positive transformations I’ve seen. But I have also seen wasted potential. I’ve seen student-athletes start from scratch, reaching next levels that they never had imagined reaching. And I’ve seen student-athletes throw it away.

The timing of my female lifting team wasn’t a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences, only connections. Nothing just happens. Dual meaning. Nothing happens randomly, nothing overnight. I’ve been coaching female lifters, from scratch, for 20 years. Not one female lifter has ever wasted their potential. Not one female lifter has ever wasted my time. Not one female has ever dogged it. They’ve worked just as hard as any male lifting team.

Consequently, X Fitness is expanding our group lifting programs. We have September group lifting programs for both women and men, rookies and veterans. There are group lifting programs if you’re starting from scratch and programs if you have lifting experience. Either way, here’s a guarantee – X Fitness group lifting programs will be life-altering. Promise. We will bring out your very best. Promise. We will call out your full potential. Guaranteed. We will make your stronger. Promise. You won’t fail. Guaranteed.

Fittingly, the expanded X Fitness Group Lifting programs starts on Labour/Labor Day, the holiday that celebrates the blue-collar power of manual labour/labor. We will celebrate with a transcendent group lifting workout that promises to be a new beginning. Lifting changes lives. Any age, any gender. Guaranteed.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
owner – X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Niagara X-men football team

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