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Winning goes deeper than myths

Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees…all 4 are proof of how the unlikely can make it. And proof of what the so-called football expert talent-evaluators actually know. And, as a member of the football community who has heard all the “football teaches character, etc”, I’m shocked at all the wishing & hoping for Tebow to fail sentiments from ex-players and ex-coaches who fill the airwaves with carbon copy opinions. Go back this past NFL season and you’ll find incredible anti-Tebowisms from network “experts” who made unprecedented statements about a player who continues to defy all the critics, many of whom were in the same position as Tebow during their careers – the underdog. Tebow was told he can’t play QB at every level – HS, college, pros. Brady, Rodgers, Brees all were overlooked at some point. I am not an NFL fan. I see enough football where I coach. But, this past NFL playoff season was a great example to student-athletes – don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give in to critics, don’t let the pressure of negativity kill your spirit, do not believe the endless barrage of junk that pollutes the air…just listen to those who will tell you the truth about how to get better. This past NFL season has shown the hypocrisy of many in the football culture – those who romanticize the sport have shown how negative the sport can really be, hating a player who has done nothing to be hated. The NFL is a soap opera in pads. Its painful to read the sports page or listen to the over-analysis, needless complication of a simple game. The sport is saturated with MYTHS – defense wins, running game wins, smashmouth wins, throwing mechanics win…spare me. The fact is that none of it is true. Winning goes deeper than the myths.