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Winning doesn’t just happen.

Reps are not created equal. Neither are sets or workouts in general. Two people can do the exact same workout and reach two different levels. The difference is style and substance. Lifting doesn’t count as much if momentum is needed for liftoff. More momentum, less lifting. Unassisted lifting is the difference between failure and failure. That’s not a typo. If lifting doesn’t fail, you’ve failed to achieve the maximum benefits.

Improving 225 scores are guaranteed to translate to on-field performance improvement. No exceptions. Every rep you increase is another step closer to survival and winning big. Every rep decreased or increased is a matter of choices – choices made in the gym, in the kitchen, under the bar and in the bar. S/he who lives clean, cleans up. Those who don’t let the other team clean up.

In the long run, what matters is what you pass up. If you pass on opportunities to get stronger, you get weaker. No one stays exactly the same. You get stronger or you get weaker but you never stay at the exact same level. You move forward or backward but you stay on the line only to get the play started. When the play starts, someone always gets driven backward. It’s all a matter of choice. Getting stronger is the outcome of choices. So is getting weaker. If you choose not to get stronger, someone else will. If that person is your opponent, you lose. If you fail to get stronger, you hand the opponent the opponent an easy win. If you fail to get stronger, you do yourself an injustice by endangering yourself. You put yourself at risk by being out of shape.

Winning doesn’t just happen. It’s a matter of choices.

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(Some of this is an excerpt from my new book called “Fourth and Hell: Culture Shock – Season 2.” It will be out in the spring of 2013. The first draft is almost done. My goal is to motivate people to achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves. If you’d like a first draft preview, please email me at:


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