Why Quarterbacks fail.

Keep wondering, keep blundering. Until they make football a contactless sport, #GameDay will always be an Unsafe Place. Until they outlaw hitting, bodies, minds, and souls will get mangled and scrambled. Players will get stretched out and carried out. Then you wonder why Quarterbacks fail.

Quarterbacks fail because they were failed. They were failed by Safe Teaching and Safe Learning. They were taught in the friendly comfort of a meeting room with soft chairs, whiteboards, tablets, and treats, trying to memorize thousands of pretty diagrams with digital Xs & Os that don’t hit hard, don’t hit at all, and pose zero threat. Then they lob soft passes during soft practices facing soft pass rushes and soft coverage. Then the reality of #GameDay hits. The reality of pressure hits. The reality of Life&Death hits even harder. Suddenly, the Star Quarterback who looked great on Signing Day and Draft Day becomes the Startled Quarterback from suffering too many QB Scrambles of mind-body-soul. 

The bullshit of #NaturalTalent causes friction when fiction becomes non-fiction. The #NaturallyTalented superstar is a fantasy. #NaturalTalent loads the bar. Nurture raises the bar – dual meaning. #NaturalTalent is the raw material that will never materialize into superstar skill without #HardReps.

#NaturalTalent will never develop in the #Unnatural – the soft learning place that does not represent the natural high-collision, high-risk, Life&Death World of #GameDay.

The biggest QB risk is a QB who believes that: 

  1. #NaturalTalent alone will save him. 
  2. Training in unnatural, soft places will make him a natural superstar.

Every winning quarterback in the history of the world built 5th Degree RDM – Rapid Decision-Making. Any QB looks great in the C.F.L. -Contact-Free Living in Safe Places. Different story when hell happens – the hell of #GameDay that makes every QB at every level the primary target of high-speed assault and the victim of high-speed collisions. The more bashing and smashing a QB suffers, the more bashing and smashing the QB suffers from coaches, teammates, fans, and media who wonder why the #NaturallyTalented QB suddenly became unnaturally incompetent.

It is humanly impossible to build 5th Degree RDM in 5th Degree Comfort. One of the top 51 definitions of insanity is expecting a QB to be fearless and tireless on #GameDay without facing fear and fatigue in practice. 

No one wants to get their QB busted up in practice. But saving a QB from getting busted up on #GameDay takes more than coddling QBs in practice. When QBs become Protected Species, they run the risk of extinction.

That reality is one of the top 26 advantages that you have as #defensivecoordinator –  the dilemma of how to build a QBs 5th Degree RDM.

The #1 way for  #defensivecoordinator to stop high-power, high-speed passing offenses is to make #GameDay unnatural by forcing the QB to see pressure he has never seen in practice, feel pressure he has never felt before, and present the QB with level of hell that failed to prepare for. 

QBs fail when they are failed. If you’re wondering why your QB is failing, #WonderingWhy is your problem. The longer you wonder why, the faster the opponent figures it out. 

Until they abolish contact from football, the #1 challenge for every #OffensiveCoordinator in the world is how not to fail their QBs to prevent their QBs from failing miserably.

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Gino Arcaro

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