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Why PMS is killing football – Part 1

Our SWAT No-Huddle offense achieved unprecedented, explosive results in the 1990’s at three different levels – high school, semi-pro, AAU-style club league under-19.

The system produced both #groundbreaking and #airbreaking results in the same years at 2 different levels, on 2 different teams I coached in the same years between 1991-1998. Record-breaking ground + pound and record-breaking air + pound. There is no system like the SWAT No-Huddle. It is a limitless, paperless system unlike any other system. It is not a run + shoot, not an Air Raid, not a West Coast offence. The SWAT no-huddle is an ideology, a unique mindset that challenges every player physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, more than in any other system. It can be a #groundbreaker or an #airbreaker.

SWAT No-Huddle is the fastest no-huddle that never kicks – no punts, no field goals, no PAT kicks. We go for it on every 4th down, no matter what. We go for 2 after every TD, no matter what. Our players build the mind-body-soul strength to handle all the conventional pressures that make other teams break.

SWAT No-Huddle is based on the fastest physical strength-building system – fast-paced supersets that have transformed over 25,000 men and women during five decades of Team Lifting.

SWAT No-Huddle is based on the fastest intellectual strength-building system – fast-paced teaching-learning supersets that has developed RDM – Rapid-Decision-Making – better than any opponent we have ever faced.

SWAT No-Huddle is unique in many other ways:

  1. The head coach and QB collaborate on pass-play design at the LOS
  2. One play every 8 seconds maximum after the ball has been spotted.
  3. Limitless motion, same plays.
  4. Limitless pass plays.
  5. Limitless run plays.
  6. SIMPLICITY, not complexity. We never have and never will have an encyclopedia-size playbook.
  7. Limitless capacity to build strength in mind-body-soul.
  8. The most unique no-huddle communication language.
  9. The most unique Rapid Decision-Making model.
  10. The highest quality and quantity of relevant reps in practice.
  11. The most intense No-Break Workout System.
  12. The longest no-kicking streak in history.

Our QB and receivers don’t read defensive coverages. We don’t care what the defense does because our system manipulates the defense, by forcing them to change their intentions and actions. You can’t recognize what the defense is doing because they don’t do what they were taught to do because of extreme fatigue physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

SWAT No-Huddle is unscoutable. You can’t come up with a scouting report that will identify pre-snap reads or post-snap reads.

SWAT no-huddle is a solution to the most extreme Football Poverty you can imagine. I coach The Least with the least. I coach only Underdogs. I don’t recruit. I don’t chase after superstars. I have an open-admission policy. I don’t purse blue-chip superstars. I choose to build them instead.

Not one opponent has ever stopped our SWAT No-Huddle. The only team to stop us has been us. The SWAT System demands 5th Degree strength-building physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Coaching in Football Poverty is different than coaching in Football Wealth. There is no comparison between the two. SWAT No-Huddle has solved every problem and every challenge of coaching in Football Poverty.

I left coaching after 40 years because of PMS – Post-Modern Society’s dedication to Post-Modern Softness. I love football as much as anyone and can prove it because I worked for free for 40 years. Never earned any income. Never profited from football. And football coaching cost me a fortune to fund club teams, fund gyms, fund players’ recruiting  processes that helped them get recruited to the next level. I left coaching when I realized that PMS had negatively affected the players I was coaching at 3 different levels during the last 5 years of my coaching career. The Zombification of student-athletes killed my love of coaching.

In addition, the apathy and lack of PMS work ethic makes it impossible for the SWAT No-Huddle to work because 98.6% of student-athletes are uncommitted to 5th Degree Workouts physically and intellectually.

The SWAT No-Huddle will never work out again because of PMS.

Dr. Darryl Garner is a chiropractor and one of my ex-football players who played both ways in the SWAT System in 1997-98. The following is his opinion of why the SWAT No-Huddle will never again achieve the explosive Personal Bests and Team Bests that our teams routinely achieved:

“Here are my thoughts on this topic: It’s virtually impossible in this day and age to implement a high-octane, high-acuity offensive or defensive football system due to the lack of commitment and work ethic from today’s players and coaches. Players can’t stay committed to the weight room, the film room, or the practice field, and can’t maintain the focus or discipline to understand the underlying concepts of the system that make it so effective. Today’s coaches lack the discipline to stick to the philosophy of the system, afraid to think outside the box and break the mold of the prototypical offensive or defensive systems. They are also often unable to hold players accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, due to current societal pressures to eliminate yelling coaches and ensure nobody’s feelings are hurt. Players know this and take advantage to limit their mental and physical efforts and contributions to the minimum acceptable level. This type of system requires a full-team “buy-in”, which is an unachievable goal in today’s “everyone’s a superstar” leagues.” – Dr. Darryl Garner – Bridgepoint Chiropractic, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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