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Why Kansas City and Tennessee won.

Right after the Tennessee Titans body-slammed the #1-seed Baltimore Ravens last Saturday, the bullshit piled on higher and deeper. Social media was overrun with the myth about #TheRun, the re-cycled fiction that #TheRun and stopping #TheRun wins championships. For 24 hours, social media was flooded with posts that glorified the good old days where you ran up the gut over and over and over and over again. Smash-mouth football was back. The Football Establishment celebrated the return of #GroundAndPound. Until the next day.

The nostalgia lasted 24 hours until Patrick Mahomes bombed the Houston Texans with deadly air-strikes that wiped out a 24-point deficit at warp-speed. Not a 7 point deficit. Not a 10-point deficit. 24-points. Patrick Mahomes showed the Football Establishment the Power of #Groundbreaking through the air – #AirBreaking. Patrick Mahomes re-defined #bombing and re-defined football again. Mahomes proved again that the Football Establishment myths #passed down from generation to generation are false – #TheRun and stopping #TheRun are not the only formula that wins championships. Here’s the formula – #strength wins championships.

Strength wins championship. Strong offense, Strong defense, strong special teams. Strong passing, strong pass defense, strong pass rush. Strong run, strong run defense. Strong kick-cover, Strong kick returns. Here’s the definition of #Strong: 

– 5th Degree physical strength, intellectual strength, emotional strength., spiritual strength

– 5th degree skill,

– 5th degree stamina

– 5th degree speed. Not just 40 times when everyone is clean and fresh. 5th Degree Speed includes 4th Quarter Speed after you’ve take shots in body, mind, and soul for three quarters, shots that can break will and break capacity in the weak.

Here’s what I have taught all my football players for 40 years – Xs and Os don’t win. X Fitness and O Fitness wins. The Law of Proportion applies. Xs and Os efficiency are direct proportion to the strength of each player on the roster. All the pretty Xs and Os diagrammed with pretty PMS – Post-Modern Software – are meaningless without measuring Xs and Os software and hardware – the body-mind-soul wiring that makes up X Fitness and O Fitness.

I was obsessed with #TheRun when I got promoted head coach in 1984. That obsession ended up in hell with a 0-10 winless season. The worst points scored-allowed ratio maybe in the history of football. #TheRun didn’t win because we were weak. Minus-Zero Strength. State of Mush in mind-body-soul. That off-season changed everything. I installed my strength #system that I have used since 1969 when I started working out as an obese, dysfunctional 12 yr. old and have continued to use during my 50-yr workout streak. My #system is not for the weak. It changes the weak. Its the most intense workout system you can imagine. 1985 was a reversal.10-0 undefeated, perfect championship.

We used an extreme #GroundandPound system. #TheRun ran over every opponent. Our Poor Team changed from a chronic loser to an undefeated champion because of #strength – out-lifting, outworking, outrunning everyone in the league regardless of how rich they were.

I used the same formula to win 4 more high school championships, turning around two other poor chronic losing programs. Then in 1994, I changed to extreme passing at 3 other levels – semi-pro, college, 19-under AAU-style football. Extreme bombing, extreme pace. Warp-speed no-huddle bombing. Groundbreaking air-breaking. The reason why it worked was not Xs and Os but X Fitness and O fitness.

Mahomes was unstoppable because he’s has a #StreetFighter Mentality produced by X Fitness and O Fitness. The same applied to the Tennessee Titans. They were unstoppable because of the #StreetFighter Mentality. The type of Xs and Os they used was not the primary reason why both teams mauled their opponents. The reason was X Fitness and O Fitness. Survival of the fittest and strongest.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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