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Which workout program is the best?

The beauty of football is that game-day settles all scores. Game-day proves beyond reasonable doubt which workout works out better, harder, and with real results. You get to prove the credibility of your workouts every game. Look up at the scoreboard and see who spilled their guts the most. The quality of a workout program is directly connected to what you invest in it – heart, soul, guts, all of it. If you don’t spill your guts, don’t blame the workout program.

Football eliminates all debates about which workout program is better. No social media mud-slinging about whose workout is tougher and builds more muscle and shapelier physiques. Football fights the fitness war on the field instead of in social media with the latest posts of the next best thing. You can search Youtube for workout videos but the only search that matters is searching your heart and soul for the guts to work out harder than your competition. Bouncing from one workout program to the next won’t work out. There are basic fundamentals of building strength that have applied since the beginning of civilization. You can search all you want for the secret workout but the true secret of building strength was discovered long ago. The true challenge is searching for the guts to stick to the basics that work out.

The beauty of the football scoreboard is its evidentiary value. The scoreboard presents all the evidence that proves what worked out and who worked out. It’s easy to get fooled by bullshit. It’s easy to ignore the truth because the truth hurts, literally and figuratively.

X Fitness is in the #Process of filming every level of workout in the X Fitness System – the one that has transformed the lives of thousands who have been coached in the X Fitness Football system. X Fitness workout videos will range from entry-level to an intensity-level that has to be experienced to be believed. The credibility of the X Fitness system is on the scoreboard. The system has turned around six losing teams and helped over 212 players get recruited to the next level. #NiagaraXmenFootball


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