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When you’re down in the dumps…

“I’m exhausted, man. Drained. My leg is killing me. I’m starving. I just got a chiropractor adjustment and I don’t want to wreck it. Plus, I have work to do. I need to clear my head. I just need to vegetate in front of the TV until my brain shuts down. What a day. I need to take tonight off. What do you think? I’m just exhausted. Seriously, what a day.”

I almost broke my workout streak on Thursday night. I used someone else’s suffering to justify my laziness. The human mind is miraculous, capable of accomplishing the extraordinary. But it’s also capable of getting in your way. The human mind is capable of being your worst enemy, worse than any opponent you line up against, worse than any competitor who’s fighting for the same thing as you. The human mind is capable of blocking your best. The human mind can be hell if you let it get the best of you, literally and figuratively.

I almost talked myself out of working out, by lying. Almost talked myself out of another Sacred Experience by listening to the whiner inside my mind, the voice of inner demons that fight for control of my mind, heart, and soul. The sound of whining is pathetic. It’s the sound of will-breaking. It’s the sound of nerves shattering. It’s the sound of ones’ character falling to pieces.

There are two kinds of people – depressing and lifting. The voice in my mind that was pushing me to depression almost got the best of me, sending my best to hell. It almost made me miss out on a joyous expression of my soul, a lifting experience that I had no right to give up. We are blessed with many rights but pissing away your potential when you’re healthy isn’t one of them. Burying your God-given gifts and talents isn’t an option. There’s hell to pay if you burn your potential; if you don’t lift. If you don’t believe it, check out Matthew 25:14-30. It’s a masterpiece. I reference it in every book I write because I have to remind myself every day that burying my God-given gifts and talents is not an option. Wasting potential is not a right or a choice. There’s hell to pay if I do.

The reason I didn’t break my streak was “tubes.” I saw tubes sticking in humans, some of whom may not be around today to read this if they wanted to. I guarantee that all of them would have traded places with me on Thursday night. All of them would have traded their tubes to go through my hell – working out and running. Turns out, it wasn’t hell. It was lifting. “God Almighty, thank you for letting me do all this.’’ I say it after every workout but on Thursday night I said it louder than every before because I was blessed to not have tubes sticking out of me.

If you have your health, be grateful by lifting. Lift someone and lift yourself. If you’re down in the dumps, do what I did – look in the mirror and be grateful. Blessings and all good things to you and your team. #KeepLifting.


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