What wins most.

Thank you for your football coaching questions. Here’s my answer about what has worked for our football program for 40 years:

Taught football teams & college law enforcement students for 4 decades:

  1. WeightRoom wins. 
  2. Weight room is the foundation of player-safety in mind-body-soul. #WeightRoom builds the essential #NaturalEquipment to survive #BloodSports & #BloodWork that can send you to the morgue or surgery room. 
  3. Lifting & learning are connected. Nothing teaches students & athletes about their limitless capacity & will more than the #WeightRoom.
  4. We never have and never will use online workout programs from Youtube or muscle magazines.
  5. We designed a workout #System based on our ongoing real-life evidence-based research of what works in our reality.
  6. Nothing is more important in our football program than our strength & conditioning program. Nothing.
  7. Our football program is actually a Strength Training program that tests and manifests itself on the football field.
  8. Our system starts in the mind with Another Set Mindset.
  9. The toughest place to start is in Minus-Zero. There’s no tougher coaching challenge than Minus-Zero Coaching.
  10. Strength coaching is not created equal. There is strength coaching that coaches elite athletes who were built somewhere else. And there is Minus-Zero strength coaching that starts from scratch, far below zero.
  11. Winging it won’t work. Building strength is the equivalent of an academic program. It needs a curriculum, a seamless path of structured learning outcomes & performance outcomes.
  12. We don’t believe in the conventional 3 sets of this, 4 sets of that, and guessing about 8-12 reps. Every set, every rep, every weight selected, every rest time between sets has a distance purpose.
  13. #PersonalBest Continuity in the weight room directly connects with on-field #PersonalBest continuity.
  14. Pounds directly connect to points. There is a discernible ratio and formula that connects pounds and points.
  15. Our entire Xs & Os System on offense, defense, and special teams are connected with the weight room.
  16. Our weight room and on-field strength training have the highest priority in our program. 
  17. Player-safety depends on strength training competence.
  18. Preventing liability starts with hardcore evidence of hardcore strength training.
  19. The biggest threat to team and individual is halfass commitment to the weight room.
  20. The weight room teaches every single mind-body-soul trait needed to survive and win in violent contact sports that can kill you or maim you. 
  21. No other football training comes close to building the #1 personal characteristic for survival and reaching the #NextLevel – 5th Degree Work Ethic. 

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Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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