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What is Soul of a Lifter?

What is Soul of a Lifter?

It’s a book that creates a new genre – friction. Friction is a new genre I’ve created – fact, not fiction, that creates a lot of friction. How we deal with that friction determines whether we’re inspired or uninspired.  How we respond to friction determines whether we are uplifted or crushed.

Lifting is both a central character and a theme.  The book is not about weightlifting. The book transcends weightlifting. But weightlifting is a main character – a multi-dimensional character representing a metaphor for the countless life struggles needed to get uplifted and build success by whatever definition you attach to the word success. 

Another type of lifting is the leading character – the star of the show…the lifting of a soul –others and ours. Reaching out and putting up ladders for someone else, while hoping to have a ladder put up for ourselves. The elusive quest to get lifted is a separate character. The search to feel inspired when the odds build up against you. Soul-lifting is an art – a science. There’s no blueprint, no template, no instruction manual. It has to be learned within the context of each individual’s personalized existence.

The connection between souls of lifters is a character in the book. That connection is a force of nature and nurture. A team of unified lifters moving in one direction is one of the most powerful forces that can beat any odds.

The rest of the cast is diverse – policing, football, fitness, teaching, business, writing. The book is not about any of those topics. They simply have starring roles, giving the readers a behind-the-scenes look into one experience, one soul-searching journey to solve some mysteries. Then there are more complicated characters in Soul of a Lifter – misery, suffering, outcasts, and the pump…the rush – the physical pump, intellectual pump, the emotional pump, and the spiritual pump that come from facing fears, fighting them, and scoring some points.

What is a soul of a lifter?  It’s guiding force that leads us in mysterious ways. It’s up to us to investigate the mystery and try to solve it.