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Wasted reps can’t be repeated.

Wasted reps can’t be repeated. #24-365xfitnessnevercloses

Wasted-reps is the leading cause of failure. Sports, business, fitness, academics, jobs, or anything you’re trying to accomplish, wasted-reps are blown opportunities to grow. Once they’re wasted, you can’t repeat them. No replay, no re-try. You can do it over once you wasted the chance.

I have told my football teams for 40 seasons that you get one set of reps – that’s it. What you do with them is your choice. Waste them or build them. Throw them away or use them to the fullest. The choice is yours. If you decide to wasted reps, don’t point fingers when they pass you by. Just wave because you let it happen. If you want to change your life, change your reps. Make the most of out every opportunity that you’re given. We all get one set of reps. We won’t make the same choices. We won’t all take full advantage of our reps. What you do with your reps determines what you become and how far you go.