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#WakeUp every day – part 2

3rd meaning of #WakeUp every day is this: Open up or get #shutout.

The scoreboard showed we #WonBig. But, my post-game speech suggested otherwise. It sounded like we got mauled, like we got the hell beat out of us.

18 years ago, I repeated #WAKEUP 14 times during a post-game speech, following a victory, not a loss. The scoreboard showed we won 44-14. The conventional definition of that score means you #WonBig, you slaughtered the other team. It means the game wasn’t even close. The game wasn’t even a game. It means you’re 3X better than the other team.

But looking deeper, the score meant the other team didn’t show up. The other team was incompetent. They were a joke. It means a joke of a team scored 14 points on your defense, an unacceptable outcome. Allowing an incompetent team to score 14 points is embarrassing. It’s evidence of complacency. It’s evidence of going soft. It’s evidence of a problem. It’s evidence that mediocrity is spreading.

The #WAKEUP post-game speech happened after game 3 of a pilot project season for a new college league. My team was undefeated with a perfect 3-0 record. We had outscored the opposition 117-14. Repeat: 117-14. Total domination by us. But we were getting worse, not better. We committed more penalties than we normally did, made more mistakes than usual. We were sinking to abnormal conduct even though we were #WinningBig.

The problem was we were #WinningBig against weak teams – teams made of #mush in mind-body-soul. Teams that were unprepared and #UnfitForDuty. We were sinking to the level of weak teams.

It’s impossible to get stronger when you compete against weakness. Competing versus #TheSoft makes you soft, on any field, in any field. Competing versus the weak causes negative adaption – you adapt with mush instead of adapting with muscle.

My #WakeUp speech was intended to be an #awakening, a moment of deep and profound enlightenment promoted by a Seismic Impact that would cause #CultureShock, one of the top 26 strategies to effect Transformation in mind-body-soul. Here was the #awakening – I announced that we were immediately leaving the Canadian start-up college league that was not serious football and playing exclusively against American post-secondary teams that were Five Degrees tougher than the soft teams we were playing. The reason was to get #StrongerandSmarter instead of getting #weakeranddumber playing against weak teams.

Complacency shuts you out.

Complacency closes you to infinite opportunities.

Complacency blinds you to possibilities.

Complacency sinks you in comfort, a trap that will choke you inside Layers of Limitations.

Complacency promotes procrastination.

Procrastination is one of 51 top #LeadBlockers that obstruct your forward progress.

Complacency is caused by fear – the fear of growth opportunities, fear of leaving the #SafePlace, fear of challenge, fear of uncertainty, fear of extra exertion, fear of pain – real or imagined – fear of hell you have to face, fear of the hell you have to go through to fight the hell you have to face.

The solution for complacency and procrastination is to #WAKEUP every day. Open your eyes, open your heart, open your mind to opportunities and possibilities that make you #strongerandsmarter.

– continued in part 3

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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