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#WakeUp every day – multiple meanings

I posted a video today on Instagram that teaches Real-Life Lesson #18,745 that I’ve taught all my football teams for 40 years, college law enforcement students for 2 decades, and #WomensLiftingTeams since 1992 – #WakeUp every day. Multiple meanings.

1st meaning. Open your eyes wider and wider to the world around you. My job as coach and college law enforcement professor was to make adolescents #strongerandsmarter in mind-body-soul every single day. #NoDaysOff. Even if I wasn’t actually present, my voice had to be heard run their heads even on #DaysOff. Every day, I taught the significance of heightened awareness and how to do it.

Heightened awareness is one of the Dimensions of Maturation. Heightened awareness is the capacity to increase your vision above and beyond yourself, at longer distances every day. Heightened awareness is the solution to the #1 team-killer – selfishness. Self-centredness is the #1 enemy of all teams, on any field, in any field. Selfishness is the outcome of tunnel vision, a narrow field of vision that sees self art the centre of attention.

Being the centre of attention is natural for children. A child’s limited worldview is part of the natural state of childhood. But the desire to be the centre of attention is supposed to decrease during natural maturation. When it doesn’t happen, adult dysfunction sets in.

Selfishness is the #1 cause of losing, of getting mauled, getting slaughtered, getting the piss beat out of you on #GameDay on any field, in any field. All selfishness is caused by eyes shut.

2nd meaning. Open your eyes wider and wider to reality. One of the top 26 #LeadBlockers that my students and athletes suffered was delusion – the disconnect from reality that is both the cause and effect of believing in #MakeBelieve, the fairy tales that you want to believe to make you feel good even though the truth is absent. Over 90% of rookies wanted to #TurnPro. They wanted a uniform on the playing field or the #frontline to make their dreams came true. The reality of dreams is #nightmares. Every dream has to go through hell to materialize. And dreams die, the nightmares are worse. The pain and suffering of the hell of #BrokenDreams breaks hearts and breaks wills. Eye-opening is essential to prevent the hell of #BrokenDreams.

Continued in part 2

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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