Turn the offense to defense.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #25,362 that I’ve taught football teams for 40 years – make the offense defend themselves, not vice-versa. Turn the offense to defense.

Its never been easier to get fired as a Defensive Coordinator.

Its never been tougher to coordinate a defense in the history of football because Post-Modern offences finally figured out how to use motion, how to pass to the entire field, how to construct multiple formations, how to speed up their offense. Without a Post-Modern defense, Defensive Coordinators run the risk of getting their defenses run over and get themselves run out the door. 

Here are the key points we teach our SWAT defense about our Post-Modernity approach in the worst Football Poverty that has to be experienced to be believed:

  1. The difference between winning big and getting killed on defense is deciding who is defending who and who is defending what.
  2. As long as you are defending the offense, you run the risk of getting killed. The key is to turn it around – force the opposing offense into self-defence. Force the entire offense to defend themselves. The moment their offense starts playing defense, your defense is guaranteed the win.
  3. There are 26 essential elements to forcing their offense to play defense. The main element is to always play your game and never, ever let their offense play their game.
  4. To accomplish point #3, change the offense’s decision-making from gain-inclination to loss-aversion.
  5. Every offense calls plays based on one of the two decision-making objectives – gain-inclination or loss-aversion. It’s one or the other, not both. Their objective is to achieve gains or prevent losses. There’s a big difference between the two.
  6. One way to control the opponent’s offensive decision-making is to increase real or imagined risk. One way to achieve that is by creating a minimum of three high-level threats along the line of scrimmage.
  7. A high-level threat is defined as a real or imagined high-risk priorities that draws full focus from offensive decision-makers, forcing them to invest pre-snap intellectual energy to eliminate multiple threats.
  8. When the opposing offense changes their decision-making from gain-inclination to loss-aversion, they are playing defense, not offense. There will be a deep & profound difference in offensive play-calling and execution
  9. When coaching football is not your full-time paying job and you are coaching in Football Poverty where you can’t replace players with trades, drafts, and scholarships, and you can’t devote the typical 16-hrs a day to coach a game, we needed a solution. We designed SWAT Derivative Play-Calling, defined as a multi-dimensional defensive call composed of a Base Call and Derivative Calls that naturally emerge from the base facilitating ‘change without change’ – adaptation without changing the system.
  10. Derivative Play-Calling makes it impossible for the offense to predict defensive play-calling patterns & tendencies, and impossible for the offense to fully focus on their priority without changing their priorities.
  11. When the offense changes their priorities, they are playing self-defence.
  12. Self-defense means their main objective is protection rather than attacking.
  13. Self-defense is the deepest and most profound psychological shift that an offense can experience on #GameDay.
  14. It is humanly impossible to split focus by focusing on attacking and self-defence at the same time and same place. The decision-making elements of the mind will not allow it to happen.
  15. Playing Self-Defense activates separate pre-snap decision-making and post-snap decision-making that become predictable and fragile.

Coordinating Defenses in the Post-Modern Offensive Era is tougher than at any era of football. Life-long learning is essential. Coaching in Football Poverty does not doom you to poor defense. To beat rich teams, get richer in mind-body-soul. X Fitness has been committed to free coaching and teaching for 45 years. 

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