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True teams bleed for each other

Blood makes you related.
Bleeding together makes you relevant.
Bleeding together bonds you.
Shedding blood for each other makes you family.
Bleeding together physically or psychologically makes you a team for life.
True teams fight for each other, not with each other.
True teams build each other up.
True teams lift each other.
True teams spill guts for each other and with each other.
True teams strengthen each other.
True teams back each other.
True teams go through hell together, not alone.
True teams stand up for each other without asking why.
True teams believe in each other when no one else does.
True teams never ever change sides.
True teams love each other unconditionally by putting up ladders for each other
for the singular purpose of building Best Self in each other.
True teams don’t like everything you do but they do everything to love you.
Its easy to take your team for granted.
Its easy to get complacent with your team.
But a true team will never ever get complacent with you.
If you need each other, you will bleed for each other.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter
Blessings and all good things

Gino Arcaro

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