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True Confessions

I’ve spent 37 years of my professional life trying to get the truth. Policing, football coaching, college teaching, college program coordinating, business…survival in each profession depends on getting the truth.

I just finished an e-book called True Confessions: How to Get the Truth. It’s Book One of a series. The topic of getting the truth should be simple but its complex enough that I wrote volumes about it. It’s large enough to be an encyclopedia. Instead of publishing one massive book that may or may not be appealing to readers, we’re publishing a series of e-books that will cost only $1.29 each. Book One explains my X Theory of getting the truth. The theory applies not just for cops but to anyone who is in the business of truth-seeking.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The difference between success and failure by whatever definition you attach, in any profession and any organization, is the extent of honesty and dishonesty. Truth and lies are the true difference between winning and losing in any career, on any team. What is believed and what is not believed determines direction. The objective is to believe honesty and disbelieve dishonesty. Not vice-versa. But there are two main problems with believing and disbelieving: (i) truth and lies have similar DNA – words; (ii) evaluating credibility depends on word processing – human opinion. Word processing is complicated and flawed. It lacks scientific precision. There are countless variables that affect what we believe and disbelieve, and whether we are lied to or not. Without putting effort into it,
scoring a person’s credibility can become guesswork.”

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