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Worst blocker – #ScaredCoach

The worst blocker is any #coach, #boss, and #leader who holds back a person or #team out of fear. #ConservativeCoach is a synonym for #ScaredCoach. A #ScaredCoach holds a #team’s potential in custody, playing it safe, playing not to lose, playing for field goals, running out the clock, worrying about the worst, never exploring the #OuterLimits, and wasting player’s full potential because of #UnnaturalFear of things going wrong.

If you are starting your coaching career, here’s Real-Life Lesson #15,551 that I taught my assistant coached during 3 decades as head coach – get out of the way. Teach players hard, work out hard, practice hard, then get out of the way. You don’t have the right to hold back any player’s God-given gifts and talents. No one does. If you are frightened, resign and become a fan. Sit in the stands. You’re #1 objective as a coach is to facilitate #PersonalBests – dual meaning. Get players #strongerandsmarter to achieve #PersonalBests in the weight room and on the field in order for each individual player to reach their #PersonalBest.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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