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Toronto MapleLeafs firing of their head coach is absurd.

The Toronto Maple Leafs firing of head coach Ron Wilson reminds me once again of the absurdity of professional sports. Another example of players escaping with NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Were any players fired? No. Pro sports has and is mired in tired conventional thinking – blame the coach for the failures of millionaire players. Same old clichés – “Can’t fire the whole team.” Why not?

A pro head coach is trying to lead millionaires. You can’t. Pro players are paid beyond human comprehension to play a game. Pro players determine winning and losing, not pro coaches. Leaf players are to blame for the free-fall, not Wison. Wilson wasn’t on the ice. Wilson didn’t teach them to lose. Wilson kept them in the playoff race all year in a league of parity. The Leafs overachieved all year. His reward? Fired because of public pressure. Fired because a bunch of fans who live their lives vicariously through the lives of millionaires. The Leafs were in contention up to 2 weeks ago and still are. Firing a coach for a 10-game slump makes no sense but its the conventional decision. Blame the coach when players don’t earn their money.

When I heard foolishness of pro coaches getting blamed for player incompetence, players getting paid millions, I thank God Almighty for blessing me with players at the lowest level of sport. I’d rather coach players at rock-bottom than millionaires who escape accountability. Fire some Leafs players and I’ll take the NHL seriously. Stop paying players for losing and I’ll watch a Leafs game. Here’s an idea – pay for winning. Pay players only when they win. No money when you lose. Just like a business. Paying pro players win or lose is not reality.