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Top Secret Motivation

I can’t take two consecutive days off from working out. No calling in sick. No vacation days.

I’ve worked out 223 days this year. Each workout has had a different purpose. A higher purpose. That’s how I keep the streak alive. I recently extended my workout streak to 43 years. It started at the top – a different mindset. The psychology of working out is more important than the physiology of working out.

I have never relied on external motivation in my life to workout. No one has ever had to drive me to the gym or drive in the gym. Never happened, never will.

Some guy walked past me during a set last night while I was working out with my daughter at X Fitness. He started screaming, “Come on, one more rep!!!” to be funny or cute or both. It was an act that exceeded ignorance and arrogance. My workouts are my workplace. That’s like walking into somebody’s office and interrupting with a feeble attempt to be funny. Guys like him don’t get it and never will. SUAL – shut up and lift. What you focus on grows. Try to develop burning instead of aimlessly wandering around. Find a higher purpose. My concentration during a workout doesn’t break. Clearly his does. There’s one key to workout longevity. Change the focus, change the outcome.

There’s a crossroads in every workout where you have to make decisions under fatigue. How you handle decision-making while you’re tired determines how far you go. Every workout is a battle of the mind. Whether you fight or quit is determined by how you condition your mind.

Highest-grade motivation is not the typical soft, fluffy bullshit. It comes from a different power source that no one wants to talk about or write about – the chip on the shoulder. Never underestimate the power of the chip on the shoulder. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating anyone who has one. It’s a source of sustainable drive that won’t run out of gas. But the topic is avoided because it doesn’t fit the pink-bubble mold of soft, cuddly romantic motivational fiction. Getting the job done is not pleasurable. And doing it better than your competition may be worse. The chip on the shoulder never fails to work out.

Here’s my point. There is no top secret motivation strategy. There’s only an inner fire. A soul on fire. Either you have it or you don’t. The good news is you control it. You control your inner fire. The bad news is there’s a battle raging inside to put out the fire. Either you’re up to that fight or not.

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