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Top secret motivation strategy

I’m in the final stages of writing a book called “The True Secret Motivational Strategy.” Its Book One of a motivational series about what I believe with all my heart and soul is the number one motivational strategy for team and individual success. It’s not the only strategy but all the rest depend on it. I’ve based my conclusion on participating in and coaching high-risk jobs and sports. This strategy has worked with ‘underdog’ teams. Underdog teams are what I coach. Being the underdog takes a special kind of motivation – sustained motivation. The motivation has to be strong enough to compensate for the competitive gap, the long distance between the underdog and the favourite (to our American readers: this is not a spelling mistake. It’s the Canadian version – like 12 men on a football field, Canada has different spelling rules).

The competitive gap strikes fear into unprepared, untrained hearts. Dual meaning. The competitive gap strikes fear into your own heart or the other team’s heart. It depends on the level of motivation. A motivated underdog is extremely dangerous. So is an extremely unmotivated underdog. The difference is the top secret motivation strategy. I emphasize the effect on motivation on ‘team’ for a number of reasons. At the top of the list is the special force that a team can produce if the team’s motivated is harnessed and channeled in the same direction. Book One is the theory behind The Connection – the relationship between individual and team motivation. Book One is the starting point.

An extremely motivated team is a force of nature and nurture. It’s an unstoppable, unbeatable force but reaching that peak stage of motivation is not easy. If it was, every team would win all the time. The concepts of ‘winning’ and ‘team’ are not exclusively reserved for sports. They apply to any aspect of professional and private life. It’s a matter of perspective…how we define winning. I offer my opinion of in Book One because I believe the concept of winning is simple but it often gets obscured by the scoreboard.

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