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Top-rated motivation strategy

This was our most liked Facebook post two weeks:

“Two choices as you get older – slow down or speed up. Speed up aging or slow it down. Activity or inactivity. Once you act old, you are old, no matter what your true age is. The true difference between old and young is not the date on your birth certificate – it’s what you do and don’t do. Anti-aging is not about covering up, it’s about building-up. #keeplifting #XFitness24-365”

There’s a reason why it was the most liked post of the week. The message is one example of a psychological strategy that never fails to work out. It’s not a psychological ‘ploy.’ It’s a psychological strategy. See if you can pick it out. Read it again try to recognize the strategy and what it’s called. This strategy is a powerful motivator. It’s worked for me to motivate football players to push past their pre-conceived limits. It’s worked for me to motivate people to workout harder than they ever thought they could. It’s worked to motivate college students to achieve higher levels of academic success than they ever experienced. It’s worked to attract and retain customers. The strategy is the most overlooked motivational strategy. It’s the most ignored but the most natural, most effective way to motivate yourself or others. It never fails to work out. I’ve written a book about it. It’s in the final stage of production.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope it helps you get motivated to get what you want and go where you want to go.