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Top-rated motivation Part 2

I posted the following comment on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter:

“The best athlete to follow is yourself. Lead instead of follow. Following pro athletes while they achieve their dreams at the expense of wasting your potential is a waste of life. #neverretire #keeplifting #xfitness24-365”

Here’s the reason why I posted it – motivation. It’s another example of the motivational strategy that I described in the last blog called “Top-rated motivation strategy.” Every word was selected for a reason. It has the strongest motivational effect. It’s a force of nature.

There’s infinite literature written about motivation. Book shelves are lined with motivational books, DVDs, CDs. Youtube motivational videos go viral. Milllions of hits. Facebook is saturated with motivational posts and posters. Despite the motivational deluge, finding sustainable motivation is still elusive. The operative phrase is ‘sustainable motivation’ – motivation that’s built to last. Motivating self is hard but motivating others is even harder. The ongoing search for the top secret motivation strategy goes on and on but the one strategy that never fails is underrated. Often, it’s flat-out ignored. Yet, it never fails to work. It’s the subject of my next book.