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Top 10 workout song

“Well, we busted out of class,
Had to get away from those fools.”

The “recently played” file on my iPOD says a lot about my workout mood. It’s my workout profile. ‘No Surrender’ by Bruce Springsteen is always on that file. “Well, we busted out of class. Had to get away from those fools” is as much a part of my workouts as iron. No greater lyrics have ever been written. That’s a bold statement considering the masterpieces that have been written through civilization. But it has deep meaning in my life – at several different stages of my life. Not once, many times. 13 words that I’ve listened to 13 million times. And they’ve given me a measure of momentary peace each time. The rest of the song is epic. No words can describe his words.
Springsteen was classy when he said it. He could have said, “Have to get away from those F’n fools” or “Had to get the F away from those fools” or “Had to get the F away from all those MFers.” But he didn’t. He chose ‘fools.’ Simple, direct, and to the point. But the truth. Powerful, poignant, and the hardcore truth.

Springsteen could have said, “Well we escaped from hell” or “We got the hell out of a living hell” or “We got the F out of an F’n burning MF’n hell.” But he didn’t. “Well, we busted out of class” said it all. No need for anything fancy or long-windedness. The point is he said something. He said something that mattered. I related. We were kindred spirits. I didn’t have to think I was F’d up for thinking the exact same thing. The only difference is that he wrote it, sang it, and made a global impact. I said it but kept it inside. No more. That’s changed.

I’m writing books, assembly-line style. My goal is to make a global impact like Springsteen. I will not give up until it happens. Why? Same reason he did it.

Here’s one of the timeless live versions of No Surrender. I sincerely hope this helps you #keeplifting. Peace.

Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
owner – X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Niagara X-men football team

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