Title shot – dual meaning.

Here’s Real Life-Death Lesson #26,111 that I’ve taught football teams, college law enforcement students, and women’s lifting teams for 45 years: Never let anyone with a title take away your title shot with a cheap shot.

Never let anyone with a title hold you back from your own title.

Here are the key points I’ve taught over 25,000 students & athletes over and over and over for over 4 decades:

  1. Never let gutless #leadership hold back your full potential. 
  2. If they fear making a call, don’t let them kill your Calling.
  3. Have the balls to make tough calls. If they haven’t got the balls to make tough calls, your Calling will end up falling. Your Divine Calling is not optional. Building your God-given gifts & talents is not discretionary. Burning your God-given gifts & talents ends up burning even more – multiple meanings.
  4. Life is extremely short. One of the top 51 definitions of insanity is allowing gutless leadership to forcibly confine your growth and ending up in a fear-based Dead-End job, life, and existence. 
  5. Never let gutless leadership wrap you and trap you in the same Layers of Limitations where gutless leaders hide in their Safe Place.
  6. If they don’t trust you when its all on the line, you will never shine. They’re admitting they’ve never been on the line when its all on the line. 
  7. When they don’t trust you when its all on the line, gutless leaders ignore the evidence and reveal their suspicions – triple meaning. (i) their suspicions of you. (ii) their suspicions of themselves. (iii) their willingness to ignore the evidence of your past reps and past performance while accepting baseless suspicions.
  8. Gutless leaders who ignore the evidence you built over time on the line, will never, ever, ever have the guts to let you shine when its your time.
  9. Gutless leaders who lump you with the rest, will dump you like the rest.
  10. Gutless leaders who ignore what you’ve done, are dying of fear. Contrary to popular myth, you don’t live in fear. You’re dying of fear. 
  11. Never, ever trust any leader with your life who pulls you out when it’s your time to pull it off.
  12. I’ve left 2 jobs in my prime because of Underachieving Hell. The decision cost about $1.7 million dollars in salary, and counting. I started my own businesses. Underachieving Hell is the result of knowing you are stagnating and vegetating because of people with a title taking away your title shot.
  13. I’ve taught students & athletes day after day – you have limited number of #GameDays, #HiringDays, & #FieldDays on Earth. Never piss them away because someone with a title pissed theirs away.
  14. Frightened leaders will never fight through challenges, never fight through hell. They freeze or flee. They take the safe way out to the same Safe Place that keeps you out of First Place.


  1. Never, ever let anyone with a title hold you back from your own title. Ever. 
  2. Don’t blow title shot because of a cheap shot by someone with a title.
  3. You have limited days on Earth. One of the top 51 definitions of insanity is Limited Living during the Limited Days.

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Gino Arcaro

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