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Times change for women’s sports.

My wife Janice Arcaro ran track in high school between 1971-1975. She ran the mile. And she ran cross-country. She set records that lasted for decades. Her times in high school back in the 70’s were good enough to get her NCAA Division 1 scholarship offers today. But she ran in obscurity. Minimal coaching and minimal regard for women’s track & field and sports in general. She ran in the dark ages where women had to compete not only on the track but for equality in funding, coaching, and recognition with men’s sports.

Janice did not get any Division 1 scholarship offers. She did not compete for the national Olympic team even though her high school times were within reach. It wasn’t because she didn’t have the will-power to train and compete. The problem was a lack of awareness – her lack of awareness about opportunities and the lack of awareness about her. She never got discovered.

Ironically, I started my football coaching career that led to my obsession to get student-athletes discovered, when Janice’s high school career ended.  It worked out. Over 200 of my players have been recruited by colleges, universities and the pros during my 40 seasons of coaching football but getting discovered didn’t just happen. It cost a fortune in money, time, and effort. Guts were spilled to make it happen. But it was worth it. Who knows what distance Janice’s running career would have run with the same investment.

Times have changed. Dual meaning. Janice’s times have changed during her 40-year running career that is still in-progress. And times have changed about getting discovered for both male and female student athletes. Despite the changing times, I have witnessed a terrible decline in athletic commitment during the past decade. Passion and desire for training has been replaced by complaining. In ordinary language, many student-athletes are spoiled. Over-indulgence has put out their fire or never started one. The commitment crisis has made many student-athletes unfit for duty at a time when, ironically, it’s easy to get discovered. Unless the problem is solved, more and more potential will be wasted. There’s nothing worse that potential that’s thrown in the trash. That’s why I started Blunt Talk Podcast.

My football teams, at three levels – semi-pro, college, and high school, have not had 100% attendance at any practice or workout during the past decade . Players used to fight through muscular soreness in order to practice and lift. Now sore feelings are enough to make them miss practice and workouts. Janice has continued her vigorous training after giving birth to three daughters, as a grandma of four grandchildren, as the backbone of two businesses that we started from scratch, overcoming medical problems, and much more that would need a book to explain. My football players have missed training and practices because of bad hair days, dead cell phone batteries, and a host of other First World problems.

Janice explains her running career in two separate episodes of Blunt Talk ‪‎Podcast‬‬. Her interviews are history lessons, a look back at a time not long ago when many women’s sports were underfunded and under-appreciated. These podcast interviews give insights into the obstacles that many pioneers like Janice faced in women’s sports. Additionally, Janice shares her expertise, discussing training secrets that can help any athlete of any age reach their potential. The first episode, called “Give up,” explains what has to be given up to reach your full potential. The most recent Blunt Talk episode is called “In the running.” You either keep on running or you drop out. “In the running” has a dual meaning. First it means that you have you stay in the running for what you are competing for. Staying in the running is the key to competing for jobs, promotions, business, and to reach the next level athletically. Secondly, staying in the running helps you lose fat and prevent obesity. Cardio is one of the keys to getting in top shape and staying in top shape. Both are fights. Neither fight is easy. It’s easy to give up both fights when adversity strikes. Fighting to stay in the running to compete takes next-level self-discipline. Janice discusses strategies to help you stay in the running, the basics of a running/cardio program, and the basics of another important topics for student-athletes their parents – the difference between getting discovered and not getting discovered. All of this ties into the central them of Blunt Talk – how to actualize your full potential instead of wasting it.

The difference between winning and losing is how long you run without running out. May you run forever, Janice. Stay in the race. ‪#‎machine‬‬


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