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This is why it doesn’t work out.

The Psychology of Excuses is the main reason why it doesn’t work and doesn’t work out. The quality and quantity of excuses is the difference between winning big and losing big. Excuses are not created equal. They vary in intensity. Excuses range from minor run-of-the-mill excuses to major mountainous excuses. The skyscraper type. I believe I’ve set a record for how many excuses I’ve heard in my professional life from perfectly healthy people who truly have no excuses to make. Twenty years of college teaching and forty seasons of coaching football have exposed me to record-breaking excuses from those who have big dreams but small will-power to make them reality. I should be awarded an honourary PhD in the psychology of excuses because I have equivalency in real-life experience of receiving excuses of every size and shape. I consider myself an excuses researcher. I have enough qualifications to publish a theory of why people who don’t have excuses make excuses. Here are some sample findings and conclusions I’ve reached from my research:

1. Excuses all sound the same. The make the exact same noise.
2. Excuses all accomplish the same thing. They get in the way.
3. Passing excuses becomes a habit. Throwing them around becomes second-nature. They become automatic.
4. Receiving excuses becomes a heavy weight to lift.
5. Excuses are the product of REPS – Repeated Excuses are Products of Softness.
6. Chronic excuses have the same outcome – REPS. Repeated Excuses Produce Softness.
7. Left unchecked, chronic excuses lead to more REPS. Repeated Excuses Produce Stress. Stress builds up with repeated excuses because they stop dreams from working out.
8. Breaking the habit of chronic excuses needs coaching.
9. Coaching changes the REPS – Replacing Excuses Produces Success.
10. A true coach is a mentor who refuses to receive excuses because of negative REPS – Receiving Excuses Produces Stress. Receiving excuses constitutes enabling. Enablers are accomplices. The result is stress. Listening to bullshit fills up the memory. No room left until you purge files and throw them in the trash.
11. Mentors can break chronic excuse-making by not receiving them, using the time-proven method – the truth. Excuses build weaknesses. Mentors are not cheerleaders who pile up your weaknesses. Mentors are strength coaches who have only one goal in mind – strengthening your weaknesses.
12. Change the excuses, change the outcome. If you want things to work and work out, change is imperative. Change is not just desirable, it’s a necessity.

I just decided to include this in Book 4 of my business book series. The reason is I’m suffering from excuse-fatigue. I can’t listen to any more excuses from teams or from myself. Excuses are unhealthy – making them and listening to them. They form a Cycle of Insanity that can make you lose your mind. Dual meaning. Listening to excuses is an excuse in itself when things don’t work and work out. By conservative estimate, I received approximately 300 excuses during the past month without doing anything about it. I just received them. They piled on. Then, I used it as an excuse for things not working. Bullshit doesn’t stop piling on its own. Bullshit is contagious. It spreads like manure unless you make a conscious decision and effort to stop it.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
owner – X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Niagara X-men football team
author – Soul of a Lifter

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