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The 600-yard game is one of the performance goals that I print on a pocket-sized laminated ‘Performance Goals card’ that I hand out to every player, every season. A 600-yard game as a single-game goal is outrageous by conventional standards. Not for our offense. Its an expectation. Its part of our ‘stretch goal’ philosophy and strategy that can be used in any profession, not just football.

The 600-yard game is the focal point of the SWAT no-huddle book series. I just finished book 2 of the SWAT no-huddle offense series. It’s called “Stretch Run & Stretch Play-Action.” It’s the second book that explains the installation plan of the limitless SWAT no-huddle. The stretch run and stretch play-action which forms part of the guts of high-octane system that can pile up serious yards in the face of major adversity – understaffed, underfunded, limited practice time. Why are yards important? Yards are one of the perfect-season analytics. Yards are a measure of what counts the most – points scored. Yards are a barometer that scores the job efficiency of an offense. When our offense is incompetent, I refer to analytics to investigate and solve the problem. The starting point is yards-differential – the number of yards gained versus given up. I don’t use the phrase “yards allowed.” I used “yards given up” because that’s what the cause is – giving up. Yards-differential is hardcore evidence of solving the problem of offensive incompetence.

When I started my head coaching career, not one original thought entered my mind. Every thought was borrowed. Suffering a one-win nightmare rookie season is a powerful change agent. It was a message – think outside the box. I did. I used every practice, every game, every season as a research to investigate what works in our reality. Thw SWAT no-huddel offense is a 3-decade work-in-progress that tries to solve the challenges we face in our own unique reality.

If you want a free preview of the book #2 SWAT no-huddle, please email us to request one. The free preview will explain a different way of looking at things.


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