Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #23,362 I’ve taught football players, college law enforcement students, & women’s lifting teams for 45 years – you don’t block out the noise, you work through it.

Coaches, leaders, bosses, athletes, politicians love to say, “You have to block out #TheNoise.” Here’s what we have taught our teams for 45 years about #TheNoise:

  1. Real Life&Death is not sound-proof. #TheNoise is natural. There will always be noise. There is no sound-proof frontline.
  2. #TheNoise has a dual meaning – the noise outside your head and the noise inside your head. They’re connected.
  3. You can’t block out the noise, not outside you head or inside your head. You work through it by achieving 5th Degree Focus, the outcome of reaching 5th Degree Self-Preservation Mode.
  4. Self-Preservation Mode doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. It’s built one rep at a time, one set a time.
  5. Self-Preservation Mode is the alarm-activation of High-IQ – intuition, instincts, Reality IQ. The combination of #booksmarts & #streetsmarts.
  6. Reaching Self-Preservation Mode depends on a confrontation with life&death situations – the Existence of Extinction referring to Death Threat or Bodily Harm Threat.
  7. Without simulated training, meeting the Existence of Extinction for the first time on #GameDay or #MidnightShiftFromHell will turn in to hell for you.
  8. You cannot achieve the sound-proof room that achieves the perfect Noise Shut-out that leaders talk about.
  9. You work through #TheNoise the same way you work through a killer-defense – by fighting it and winning the fight.
  10. #TheNoise is a powerful motivator. Its a source of energy. Never fear #TheNoise – crowd noise, opponent noise, enemy noise of any kind.
  11. There’s a specific way to learn how to tap into that noise energy and convert it into fuel. Here’s one of the strategies – never, ever shut out the noise during training. Ever. Turn up the volume instead.
  12. Look forward to #TheNoise. Anticipate #TheNoise. Feed off #TheNoise. Conclusion: The more noise, the more joys.

There is no generic way to coach football. Some coaches & players have to fit football into their lives. Others have the luxury of making football their entire lives. Coaching football is entirely different when coaches and players have to fit football into life. Those who have a life outside of football have to coach differently to survive. Football coaching has never been my life – not financially, not professionally. That reality has been a blessing, a source of infinite Sacred Memories.

I can’t use Football Poverty as an excuse. I still have to serve & protect player’s lives the same way all coaches do. Here’s my point – the way we coach football differs according to our reality, according to our circumstances. The ultimate goal is to find a way to save player’s live, to make them #strongerandsmarter with the time and resources we have been given. Sharing coaching systems is not a pissing contest between the rich and the poor. Its simply a way enlighten each other, regardless of what reality your program exists in.

X Fitness has been deeply & profoundly committed to give FREE coaching to players and coaches on the football field, in the gym, and online for 45 years.  New #podcast compliments of X Fitness at:

Football coaching has never been easy. It’s getting tougher ever day. Without life-long learning, you stop earning – wins and jobs.

#MUCHLOVE #Soulofalifter

Blessings & all good things


Gino Arcaro

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