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The worst enemy

Contrary to the post-modern litany of magic formulas, secrets, and shortcuts, winning and success by whatever definition you attach is never easy. Easy won’t happen if you’re signing up to win big. Looking for easy is never part of the winning formula. Looking for easy contradicts the reason why you sign up to play in the first place. There’s no easy way to end up in first place. It’s impossible to finish in first place at without a serious fight. If first place is easy, it’s an illusion. A product of delusion. The whole point of competing is to test the fight that you have inside you or the fight that you haven’t got. Only you can find out what you’ve got and what’s missing. Talk is cheap. Keyboard warriors don’t win. Tapping away in front of a screen won’t get you in fighting shape.

The leading cause of losing is the unwillingness and incapacity to get in top shape, physically and mentally. The lack of will comes from excuses. Add up unproductive time and the true secret is discovered. Winners don’t waste time. Winners don’t throw away, day after day, chances and opportunities to move forward and get better. One of the biggest reasons for not achieving what you want to achieve is the screen you’re reading. Screen addiction gets in the way of productivity. Add up the hours of unproductive waste in front of a screen and find out what truly counts in your life.

The exercise of free will is the difference between first place and last place. I tell my teams every year – I won’t chase you to play. I won’t chase you to workout. I won’t call you to scold you about getting in shape. I will answer your questions but I won’t waste a minute of my life bugging you to lift and run and get in top shape. Your decisions have to come straight from your own heart. Not mine, not anyone else’s. If you get in better shape than the other guy, you won’t lose the fight. If you’re in worse shape, don’t cry about it while after the other team flattens, you. Don’t complain if you don’t train. I wish all of you the very best. Your goals are my goals. But if you don’t have any goals, then there’s nothing but emptiness. That’s your choice and something you have to deal with.

There’s very little worse that looking back and seeing past wasted time. Lying outwardly is easy. It’s easy to lie about regrets. But we can’t lie to ourselves. We can try to bullshit ourselves but what’s inside our guts will never fully accept our lies. Nothing changes until we tell ourselves the truth. Love the game or love the fame. The one you love the most determines what place you end up.

50 days until first off-season mini-camp indoor practice.


Gino Arcaro
Owner – X Fitness Inc.
Head coach – Oakville Longhorns football
Author – Soul of a Lifter

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