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The Workplace

Every minute you complain about a nightmarish workplace and every minute that you play in the drama and every minute that you participate in workplace gossip is energy that fuels the nightmare. Wake up from the nightmare, don’t fuel it. You can’t replace the time and energy lost. – X Fitness ‘Soul’ series

Workplace drama and workplace gossip is poison to your mind and body. There is no greater waste of time and energy than complaining and gossiping about your workplace. Left unchecked, workplace childishness and dissatisfaction will drop your IQ, torture your soul, and turn on the cortisol switch that will flood your system with the deadly fat-building hormone.

The side-effects will get worse years later when you add up the time wasted in workplace stupidity. As time passes, regret will build as you add up the time wasted in mind-numbing gossip. You can’t replace wasted time. You can’t replay years of stress, anxiety, and unhappiness. And, contrary to popular myth, you can’t make up for lost time.