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The way out of the hell of losing.

Losing is hell. The only way to escape is to lift your way out. You have to lift yourself out of the hell of losing or you will move in for life. You turn around a losing team in the weight room. Lift, then lift some more, then keep lifting until you have out-lifted the rest of the competition. It’s delusional to believe that you can turn around any team by staying weak. We’re all born weak but we don’t have to stay weak. The key element to winning is building strength in every fiber of mind, body, and soul. The key element of losing is weakness. The only way weak teams win is by competing against weaker teams. Then no one gets stronger. They only get weaker. Getting stronger doesn’t just happen. Neither does getting weaker.

Working out is the only way to turn around a losing team. Working out is the only way to guarantee player safety in the world of contact sports, a world that can kill or leave players paralyzed physically or psychologically. It is delusional to believe that players can be in top shape for contact sport without lifting heavy. It will never work out for any team that doesn’t work out. The only way out of the hell of losing is to work out.

If your team is stuck in the hell of last place, look in the mirror – at the gym. Look in the mirror and check your form. Lift correctly. Use the right form. No rocking and rolling. Put away your cell phone. Stop texting in the middle of your workout. Stop socializing during workouts. Working out is not an extension of social media. Focus on the Three Enemies: (i) the bar, (ii) your mind, and (iii) the opponent who may be lifting even harder than you with the intention of flattening you next time you meet.

Take working out seriously and it will seriously work out. You will #WinRings and you will not get killed physically, psychologically, and on the scoreboard. If you think you’re lifting but you’re still losing, get a checkup. Take some tests – heart test, blood test, and polygraph test. Find the truth. Lies and alibis are a threat to you and your team. The truth will set you free if you exercise free will properly and exercise harder than your opponents.

Delete your distractions. Start with your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else is dulling your senses and getting you bullied on the field. Sell your video games and train for real games. Stop living vicariously through millionaire and billionaire athletes because sitting in the stands or lying on the couch cheering for others to #WinRings won’t help you #WinRings.

#WinRings is the reason why you play. The reason why you play is not to settle into last place while the rest get fitted for rings. But the choice is yours. Losing streaks don’t just happen. Winning streaks don’t just happen. Nothing just happen. You make them happen with your choices. Good or bad, your decisions determine your standing. Look up at the scoreboard and you will see how good or bad your decisions have been.

Losing is hell. The only way out is to lift. If you want the way out, call me. I will lift you out. I will work it out. For inspiration that will lift you, please listen to Blunt Talk Podcast episodes with some of my X-Players. They all started from scratch and endured #TheProcess, one that had to be experienced to be believed.

This is a copyrighted excerpt from a new book in progress called Won One. It will be released in the near future. A video will be produced to help send the message of hope to all teams who are stuck in last place. There’s hope. There’s a way out. X Fitness is committed to lifting you out of last place.


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