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The Struggle

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, here’s a solution – be honest. Be honest with yourself and find the true answer about what’s blocking your potential. I’ve coached and taught thousands who have struggled with motivation, who have struggled with getting cut from what they wanted, victims of a harsh Darwinism reality that naturally selects the fit and sets back the weak. What you’re working toward has a struggle – fitness, job, business…whatever you’re working toward has a struggle. If you’re struggling, study the struggle and determine if it’s natural or unnatural. They’re two different concepts.

The natural struggle is a progression of resistance and hardships inherent to making it to the elusive concept of the ‘top.’ The natural struggle has is a training ground with one mission – to make you stronger. The unnatural struggle is different – it’s there to weaken you. The natural struggle will bring out your best. The unnatural struggle will bring out your worst. Your job is to figure out which one you’re going through.