The Psychology of Fat Loss – Part 1 (excerpt from one of my new books)

I have anabolic fat cells. They seemingly grow for no reason.

The most important factor in fat loss is most often obscured. We’ve been conditioned to believe that fat loss centers on magic – magic diet, magic pill, magic workout. But the real magic is typically overlooked. The magic of mindset. It’s the top factor in fat loss. I learned as a 12 year-old obese dysfunctional child that fat loss starts at the top – mindset. I was self-taught. No coach, no mentor, no program. I learned it myself. I read voraciously, learned the basics, then put them into action. Contrary to popular myth, knowledge is not power. Applying knowledge is power. Stored information is the fuel. But without starting the motor, fuel just weighs down the tank. If a dysfunctional, obese 12 year-old can do it, so can you. The good news is that I won the battle with fat. The bad news is that the war against fat has never stopped. My fat cells seem to have a mind of their own. I have anabolic fat cells. They seemingly grow for no reason.

The psychology of losing fat starts at the top – in your mind. You have to change attitude and habits. Re-wire yourself to get automatic behaviour. Without changing your thinking, one wire at aa time, you will simply repeat the past. That’s the power of conditioning. Fat loss is a re-conditioning of thinking. Taking a different perspective about how you eat and when. Fat loss requires change – change in thinking, change in behaviour. Otherwise, you will repeat the past because the power of conditioning forces you to do the same thing over and over until you break the habit and start a new one. Break your habits before they break you.

Change is scary. Change is frightening. You have to overcome your fear of change before you can make lasting change. The unwillingness and incapacity to beat the fear of change is a leading cause of failure. Once you change your perspective, you start winning the fight against fear of change. Changing your perspective, changes your outcome.

Here’s how I did it – I found a compelling need. A compelling need is the single-most powerful motivator. And it’s free. No cost. No charge. It’s inside you. And it’s usually obvious. In my case, I didn’t even have to dig deep to find it. I felt it every day – fat-pain. I learned a harsh lesson as that even a 12 year-old can understand – being fat hurts…in different ways. In my case, the agony stemmed from being the object of ridicule every time I went to little-league football practice and my frustration of not being able to do what I wanted desperately to achieve. As high school rapidly approached, I reached a threshold. I had to cross it. It was a life-altering moment. I experienced culture shock. The moment rocked my core. It was a break-point – either break down or break-through. Decades later, I learned to thank the guy for being the biggest asshole I ever met. Nothing just happens. He had a purpose. What he did had meaning. And he didn’t even know it. He forced me to exercise – my free will and my body. And I’ve never stopped because I made up my mind to never return what I escaped from – obesity. – to be continued

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