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The Promise

A key to sticking to working out is to believe your life depends on it, literally or figuratively. It’s the first step in losing the willingness to compromise on promises you’ve made to yourself. Every aspect of living the fullest life depends on keeping self-promises and losing the capacity of habitual compromise. Don’t expect others to keep promises to you if you can’t keep your own to yourself. Compromise works inside out.
Self-compromise attracts more of the same from the outside.

Fullness of life is not reserved for other people, it’s not limited to someone else, it’s not the exclusive domain of someone more deserving. It’s a matter of choice. Once you commit yourself by taking the very first step, the play goes in motion. If things don’t move forward, it’s because you compromised your first step. When you make a vow to change what you want to change, you are the only obstacle in your way. When you vow to improve yourself to, you are the only opponent who can stop you. When you vow to bring out your best, the only force that can stop you is your mind. Making a conscious decision to not go back on your word will make you workout like your life depended on it.

2013 is only 10 days old. May it be the best year of your life. #neverquit #nevergiveup

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