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The Myth of Natural Talent

Every time you lose, fail, give up, get the @#%$ beat out of you, the competition wasn’t the reason. You let it happen. Don’t believe the ‘natural talent’ myth. It’s bullshit. Every loss is the direct result of choices you made and didn’t make. The other team was not better, more gifted, more talented, bigger, stronger, faster, or smarter. You simply did not train enough, you didn’t practice enough, you didn’t sweat enough, you didn’t get dirty enough, you didn’t bleed enough. Blaming refs, blaming the weather, blaming everything and everyone else in your life is a diversion from what has to be done – get better. Convert the energy wasted on excuses to more intense training. #lift4ever #workingoutis sacred


Gino Arcaro has written 12 books. He started his writing career by writing 6 best-selling academic law enforcement textbooks. Then he changed his focus and wrote 6 non-academic books to compete on a new stage. The first book is Soul of a Lifter, available in paperback and e-book. The book is about how lifting is a life-saver – lifting others and lifting weight. Dual-purpose lifting. You can review all Gino’s books them by clicking here.