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The most misused word – ‘team.’

The most misused word in the English language is ‘team.’ A true team is a Joint Forces effort by each team member that exponentially lifts each other’s performance.

Exponential Lifting is an X Factor, a multiplying element of tangible and intangible qualities that transforms the minds, bodies, and souls of every individual.

A team is not a assembly of people who have to meet because a collective bargaining agreement says so.

A team is not a group of people who got hired at the same place just to fill open roster spots.

A true team has one pulse, one heartbeat, one mind, one soul, and the exact same relentless passion, fire, and love of busting ass to save each other from getting their collective asses kicked.

A true team is identifiable by its stains – blood stains, sweat stains, dirt stains, and the stains of guts spilled all over the place to exponentially lift each other.

A group that just shows up, gives half-ass effort, and gets its ass kicked is not a team. Its a mob of strangers hanging out together.

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Blessings and all good things

Gino Arcaro

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