The most important score.

Question #1. What is the minimum number of offensive players needed on the Line of Scrimmage?

Not one new post-secondary team I’ve ever coached ever scored 100% by the full 100% of the entire team on a Football IQ Test administered on Day One. 

And, not one new post-secondary team that I took over as head coach, ever scored 100% by the full 100%, on the above question #1. Question #1 is question #1 for a reason. It teaches players that if you don’t know the answer to question #1 immediately, you have been playing football in a State of Lost. 

One of the top 51 main differences between coaching in Football Poverty and Coaching the Pros is the amount of time needed to teach the deep, profound complexities of football. Coaching in Football Poverty starts with teaching and deeply learning Football IQ – the rulebook.

Question #2. What is the maximum number of offensive players allowed on the Line of Scrimmage?

The results of question #2 have been worse.

Question #1 and question #2 are only the first 2 questions on our lengthy Football IQ Test that we administer every year on Day One. The brutal test scores accomplish the following:

  1. Know-it-all rookies learned they didn’t know it all.
  2. It gave new meaning of becoming a student of the game.
  3. Players learned that knowing Xs & Os doesn’t matter and is impossible if you can’t ace a football IQ test.
  4. It taught players that acing a football IQ test is the first step in guaranteeing player-safety. Not 80%, not 90%. 100%.
  5. It emphasized the intellectual work needed to preventing liability. Liability-prevention starts with proving that every single player knows the entire rulebook. 
  6. One of the top 51 definitions of insanity is allowing student-athletes to play #BloodSports without knowing the rulebook inside-out. Allowing uneducated players to play increases risks to player safety and liability.

Question 3. What is the minimum number of defensive players needed on the Line of Scrimmage?

Just these 3 questions teaches players that it is humanly impossible to play football and to understand offense & defense without acing the football IQ test. Players are taught that if you can’t answer just these 3 fundamental questions, you are lost, you are a danger to yourself, and a danger to your team. 

We teach our players that its humanly impossible to understand Xs & Os and their individual jobs & assignments without understanding these 3 questions. And these 3 questions are only warmups.

Our rookies learn that:

  1. failing to ace just these 3 fundamental questions constitutes a major problem that needs immediate solving.
  2. Fan Knowledge is not enough to play combat sports.
  3. Video game success does not make you a football expert.
  4. Winning in Fantasy Football is a fantasy. It has zero relationship to preventing getting killed on #Gameday.
  5. Before you can score points, score 100% on the football IQ test.
  6. Playing-time is not a constitutional right. Neither is starting-time. If you can’t find the time to learn 100% of the rules, you get zero playing time for your own safety, health, and protection.

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