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The most important debate.

Here’s Real-Life Lesson #2,010 that I’ve taught football players for 40 years and college students for two decades – turn up the right volume.

Last Monday during my workout, the TV at my gym X Fitness showed a split-screen ironically with Donald Trump on the left and Hillary Clinton on the right. I made the biggest mistake of my 47-year workout career – I turned up the wrong volume. The only volume that matters to bust your ass in the gym is turning up the music volume and turning up the volume of sets and reps. I’m from the 60’s. You didn’t workout near a TV when I started working out in 1969. In the 70’s and 80’s, no gym I ever worked out in had a TV. Every gym I worked out in had bars and rusty plates. Nothing was shiny, nothing was new, and there were no screens. The Culture of Lifting in the 70’s and 80’s involved low volume of speech and high-volume of sets, reps, and music. You didn’t talk, socialize, snap selfies, text, post, like, or share. The gym was not a social network or a network social.

After two minutes and thirty-eight seconds of listening to Trump and Clinton, I turned up the right volume. The volume on Trump and Clinton was lowered. The music volume and volume of sets and reps was raised. It was the worst two minutes and thirty-eight seconds of working out in my 47-year streak. “What an embarrassment,” I thought, because I lost the debate. I lost the inner debate that I have taught football players for four decades that they have to win or run the risk of getting run over by an opponent who wins their inner debate.

Here’s Real-Life Lesson #1,982 that I’ve taught football players and college students for decades – the most important debate is with yourself.  The most important question in the ongoing debate with yourself is this: should I bust my ass or let them kick my ass? There’s a direct relationship between busting your ass and getting your ass kicked. S/he who busts their ass, kicks ass. Those who don’t bust their ass, get their ass busted. The scariest opponent is s/he who busts their ass day in, day out, set after set, rep after rep. Your biggest nightmare is facing someone who packed on weight by packing on weight while you were losing weight. Your worst hell is lining up against the person who won their self-debate, the one who has busted his/her ass more than you.

Natural talent is a myth. Facing natural talent is not your worst hell. Your worst nightmare is facing s/he who busts their ass when you didn’t. It’s facing s/he who turned up the right volume while you turned up the wrong volume. You inner debate will never give you a break. You will always debate the same issues: should I lift or should I get dropped? Should I run or get run over? Should I eat junk and get drunk or should I stay clean, get lean, and be mean?

The easiest debate to win is with yourself when no one challenges you. The unchallenged always win their inner debate by forfeit and deceit – lie, deny, and alibi. Everyone is subject to debating self. No exceptions. Those who bust their ass and kick ass are the ones who find the truth and win their debate with the formula for debate success – honesty out, honesty in.

Ultimately, winning the debate with yourself boils down to how hard you exercise – your free will. I have taught football players that poorly conditioned exercise of free will lands you flat on your back, in last place, in the back of an ambulance, or on a cutting table in the surgery room or morgue.

Football, law enforcement, fitness, business, everything I’ve taught sounds like fun until it has to be done. None of it is fun. You either learn to love it or you will hate it until you quit. The difference between winning big and losing big is the direction of your love-hate relationships. Those who love to bust their ass, will kick ass. Those who hate to bust their ass, will get their ass kicked. It’s impossible to turn it around unless you turn around twisted love-hate relationships.

Anyone can be outworked and outmuscled. The myth of natural talent is another example of brainwashing by the Football Establishment. There is no such thing as natural talent. There is only unnatural talent that is naturally lifted. The Football Establishment is living in the past, during a time when people truly busted their ass. The game is in serious trouble. Football’s biggest threat is unprecedented First World softness – soft minds, soft bodies, and soft souls spoiled by affluence and indulgence. The next time you’re losing the debate with yourself and the voices in your head are making excuses about why you should not or cannot bust your ass, think of those who would gladly switch places with you – the sick, the dying, the hungry, the poor. Think of all those who have busted their ass for you. Return the favour/favor and bust your ass for them and someone else. Lift your head up from your palms and see the rest of the world instead of the reflection of yourself in the mirror of your favourite/favorite screen. May you bust your ass and win big. May you bust your ass and not get your ass kicked. Hail to the Underdog. The difference between an Underdog and Underachiever is the extent that you bust your ass, how many debates you win with yourself, and which volume you turn up. Be more or be less – it’s your choice. It’s your biggest decision today and every day because it affects the lives of everyone around you. Train like your life depends on it because it does.  Train for those who depend on you. Spill your guts for those who spilled your guts for you.

This is a copyrighted excerpt from my new book, Midnight Shift from Hell, that focuses on your biggest decision today – to become more or less.  You can download a free audio version of this blog on an upcoming Blunt Talk Podcast, compliments of X Fitness.  The greatest reward is soul-lifting. People have lifted you up, now it’s your turn to do the same. When someone is broken down or broken up, lift them up. Encourage the broken to break obstacles that are limiting them. Blunt Talk Podcast has been privileged to have had 116 guests in the past 17 months. Each one is a soul-lifter. All 116 episodes are free, permanently archived downloads compliments of X Fitness. Every episode includes an opening motivational speech and a Top 1000 Workout Song of the Week. Each guest, each episode is guaranteed to lift. X Fitness is committed to lift, to the celebration of Good Inspirational News Only. There’s enough depressing news. We won’t add to it. Here is the link to Blunt Talk Podcast:

Blessings & all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football

Gym Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.


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