The most ignored element of warp-speed no-huddle.

A no-huddle offense that runs out of gas is deeply and profoundly embarrassing. A no-huddle offense that tires itself out is dangerous to health in mind-body-soul. A no-huddle running out of gas exposes gross negligence and incompetence by coaches & players. Here’s what I’ve taught my teams for 40 years: 

  1. no-huddle teams have 2 choices – #RunIt or #RunOut. 
  2. Running out of gas is not an option. It’s not a choice. Its non-negotiable, non-discretionary. 
  3. Preventing the embarrassment of running out of gas requires more work than you’ve ever done. 
  4. You make a choice – commit or quit. You won’t get cut. You cut yourself or you make the cut. 
  5. The toughest exercise of all is free will.

Building a warp-speed no-huddle offense sounds like fun until its time to #Run – multiple meanings: 

  1. run more than you’ve ever run in practice or in your life. 
  2. run the ball with equal proficiency as passing the ball. 
  3. running plays on #GameDay without taking any timeouts – officially or unofficially. 
  4. Running plays in practice without taking any timeouts – officially or unofficially. 
  5. Think faster than you’ve ever thought.
  6. Fight faster than you’ve ever fought.
  7. Teach faster than you’ve ever taught.
  8. Learn faster than you’ve ever learned.
  9. Work harder than you’ve ever worked.
  10. Work even harder than you worked yesterday.

The following are the key points that we teach our players and coaches about SWAT No-Huddle ideology and philosophy:

  1. The most important word in building a #championship no-huddle offense is work. 
  2. No-huddle Offense is code-word for work. There’s nothing sexy or glamorous about warp-speed no-huddle. It’s hard work.
  3. The faster a no-huddle is intended to run on #GameDay, the more work is required in mind-body-soul. 
  4. Working more means working overtime – dual meaning. Working harder and harder over a long period of time. Overtime means working beyond the normal workload by overloading for longer periods of time than the rest. 
  5. Overtime Work means more quality & quantity of reps, more #HarderReps. 
  6. #HardReps are a Darwinian selection process that separates the strong from the rest – dual meaning.
  7. #HardReps ignite the highest level of fight or flight.
  8. Those who are unwilling to invest in #HardReps cut themselves. We don’t cut anyone. 
  9. Our SWAT no-huddle routinely achieves #Over80 – more than 80 offensive plays per game. 
  10. #Over80 means more work – more work than football players are conditioned for and have trained for. 
  11. #Over80 translates into playing a double-header. 
  12. More #GameDay plays translates into more Reps, more development than dramatically increases player development to the #NextLevel.
  13. #Over80 requires No-Break offensive drives – dual meaning – that require No-Break strength & conditioning.
  14. #Over80 causes Culture Shock.
  15. Culture Shock is caused by the dramatic increases in #Workload.
  16. A warp-speed no-huddle offense represents a huge increase in #Workload. Without increasing workload in practice, its impossible to achieve high-quality increased workload on #GameDay
  17. When your no-huddle operates by the Over 80 Rule – over 80 plays per game – it’s humanly impossible to run a winning no-huddle without training for that level of work and speed.
  18. Our SWAT no-huddle system is a mentality, a lifestyle – dual meaning: how we live and how we stay alive. It’s more than Xs & Os. It’s not a playbook. It’s a belief system, an ideology and an ideal that sets a high-standard of living – dual meaning. Underdog survival and living abundantly to beat rich teams with poor teams. 
  19. The faster we accelerated our offense between 1985-1991, the faster players cut themselves. The speeding process took 7 years to floor it into overdrive. Players loved the thought of playing a warp-speed no-huddle but 90% didn’t love the conditioning needed to #RunIt. It takes serious balls to #RunIt. 
  20. Building Championship No-huddle starts with #ShiftWork – dramatically shifting love-hate relationships with hard work including more sprints, sled, supersets.
  21. The entire SWAT no-huddle installation plan consists of #ConstructionWork – dual meaning. (i) serious work to build more. (ii) serious building to work more.
  22. Working more means working overtime – dual meaning. Working harder and harder over a long period of time. It means working beyond the normal workload by overloading.
  23. Warp-speed no-huddle builds 2-way pressure – on their defense and on over offense. 
  24. Our pressure starts with performance anxiety. It’s easy to say “I want the ball more” but it’s another story when you get the ball 3X more. 
  25. When you get more passes thrown to you than you’ve ever experienced before, you either break under pressure or break through the pressure.
  26. When you have to carry the ball 3X more, its easy to quit when you get sore more.
  27. When you have to throw 3X more every #GameDay, you have to fight like hell not to throw the game away.
  28. If you’re afraid to work more, you will lose more.
  29. If you fear work, your no-huddle will never workout.
  30. There is no leadership challenge tougher than increasing a team’s work capacity. No exception. Xs & Os are important but Xs & Os are insignificant without the level of work ethic needed to run a warp-speed no-huddle. 
  31. Building work ethic doesn’t just happen. It takes a structured curriculum of seamless learning & performance outcomes.
  32. Speed – multiple meanings – has been one of the top 26 essential elements that has contributed to beating The Rich with The Poor. Every multiple meaning of #speed depends on the high-speed pace of out SWAT no-huddle warp-speed.
  33. Conclusion – warp-speed no-huddle constitutes work, gut-spilling work. If you don’t increase your work-capacity, you decrease your win capacity.

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