The most feared person on/in the field.

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Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #26,362 that I’ve taught football players, college law enforcement students & women lifting teams for 45 years – one of the worst 51 fears is fearing yourself.

Here are the key teaching points that I’ve taught over 25,000 students & athletes:

  1. Fear is a powerful force that determines the kind of split-second decision you make when its all in the line.
  2. Fear is not created equal. It forces you to make one of three choices, depending on which on-off switch is activated or deactivated – fight, freeze, flight.
  3. When you fear yourself, you fear everyone else including your own team.
  4. When you fear yourself, you mistrust your reps. 
  5. Mistrusting your reps leads to evidence misinterpretation.
  6. Evidence misinterpretation ignores Proof of Strength.
  7. Ignoring Proof of Strength focuses on your weakness.
  8. Focusing on your weakness forces you to make the wrong call because you’re not yourself when you fear yourself. You are someone else. When you focus on your weaknesses and ignore strength, you become a liability by making weak decisions.
  9. Weak decisions are the outcome of pressing the wrong switch. You shut off the fight switch. 
  10. When you shut off the fight switch, you are stuck with two alternatives – flee by turning on the run switch or freeze by shutting off the switch all together.
  11. Expert Life&Death Rapid Decision-Making (RDM) doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. It doesn’t happen coincidentally, randomly, accidentally, or overnight. It takes Construction Work, from the ground up.
  12. I learned a Real Life&Death RDM Lesson from my coach officer when I was an 18 year old rookie cop – take as many calls as humanly possible. Translation: don’t wait to be sent to a call. Show up. Take the call. Be the first officer at as many calls as possible. If you’re not the first officer, be a backup. His point was Get R.E.P.S. – Repeatedly Experience Pressure & Stress. The more R.E.P.S, the more you deposit in your subconscious mind, the more you build Reality IQ – Intuition & Instinct. Street Smarts & Field Smarts.
  13. The more R.E.P.S., the more you eliminate fear of yourself when you face elimination.
  14. The more Fear of Yourself you eliminate, the less you will get eliminated – multiple meanings.
  15. The less you fear yourself, the more you focus on strengths – yours and your team’s.


1. Face elimination, never eliminate focus on strengths. 

2. Fight like you train, train like you fight. Get as many R.E.P.S. as humanly possible through simulated training or Real-Life R.E.P.S.

3. Maximum R.E.P.S makes you the last person you fear.

4. When you are the last person you fear, you lose your fear of your own team.

5. When you are the last person you fear, you end up first.

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