The most dangerous business practice.

Thank you for all your messages asking #business questions. Here’s a blog article that will answer those questions. Self-generated business is brutally tough. It’s capable of breaking you in mind-body-soul and in the bank. Be careful what you learn and who you learn it from.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #23,004 that I’ve taught our staff during 20 years of being a self-generated business owner – the customer is not always right. Far from it.  

One of the top 362 examples of Business #IBS – Internet BullShit – is the customer is always right. If you believe that bullshit:

  1. You have been brainwashed.
  2. You have zero experience with criminal-minded customers who verbally abuse female staff & female customers.
  3. You are living a fantasy, a marked departure from real-life.
  4. You are sending a message to customers that they are immune from consequences, including consequences for criminality toward your staff and other customers.

When customers believe the #Internet BullShit that they are always right, they believe they can do no wrong. The customer-is-always-right is Code for Greed. It really means that money matters more than morals. That F’d-up mentality with F-up the minds of innocent victims and F-up your business. Tolerating customer abuse will spread by word-of-mouth that your business is a dangerous place.

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